While Pregnant

While Pregnant

Should you get microblading while pregnant?

Microblading is not recommended for those who are pregnant or currently nursing. Read on to find answers to your questions about microblading while pregnant.

Microblade during pregnancy

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Can You Get Microblading While Pregnant?

Experts are in agreement about recommending against getting any microblading procedure while pregnant.

What Is Microblading?

The microblading procedure is a type of permanent makeup but the incisions are done manually and are drawn to mimic the look of hair strokes. The final result after the healing process leaves enhanced brows with a fuller look.

The pigment is inserted not so deep into the skin so the procedure tends to fade around 18 months. Annual touch ups are recommended to maintain the quality of the procedure.

Microblading while pregnantWhy Isn’t It Safe to Have Microblading During Pregnancy?

Let’s go through the risks that come with microblading while pregnant which is why it is not advised:

  • Risk of infection
  • Microblading entails breaking the surface of the skin and runs risk of infection, though very rare. Infections could range from skin issues to blood infections which could put the fetus in danger. Antibiotics are the usual treatment and it is ill-advised during pregnancy.

Pigment color is affected by hormones

Hormonal changes during pregnancy typically bring unfavorable effects on the pigment color. It is recommended to get a procedure once the hormones are back as usual.

Swelling affects the shape

Another change in the body due to pregnancy is swelling and weight gain which can affect the shape of the brows if a microblading procedure is done. When the body starts to go back to normal, the brows may misshapen or have a wrong arch.

Numbing cream is not safe for pregnant women

A topical anesthetic is necessary for the procedure to be comfortable to the client but this numbing cream contains epinephrine which is not advised for pregnant women. This chemical is said to cause negative effects to the heart such as increased heartbeat or other cardiac anomalies.

Slow healing and intense bleeding

For pregnant women, there is an increase in blood circulation which leads to extensive bleeding for any cuts or wounds which would not go well in microblading procedures.

Healing is also slower during this period which heightens the risk for infections since the skin takes longer to heal.

Pigments are unsafe for the baby

High quality microblading pigments are safe for use in the skin of the client, but it is not guaranteed for the growing fetus. There are not enough studies to guarantee there are no negative effects of the pigments on the vulnerable child growing inside the client.

Is It Safe to Get Microblading while Breastfeeding?

It is recommended to get a microblading procedure once you have stopped nursing your child. There are risks such as possible infections or unsafe substances from the pigments that could risk the health of the breastfed child.

Clients may want to get a brow treatment if they experience postpartum hair loss but it is best to get microblading once you stop breastfeeding.

Pregnant and microblading

Is It Safe to Get a Microblading Touch Up While Pregnant?

Even touch ups to microblading treatments are not recommended while pregnant. This poses the same risk as getting the initial procedure.

Skip the touch up even if your brows are starting to fade. Opt to use regular makeup until it is safe to get a touch up which is after giving birth and when you’ve stopped breastfeeding. Your baby’s health should be the top consideration.

Is It Safe to Get Microblading While Trying to Conceive?

Since microblading is not safe while pregnant, it is also not recommended if the client is actively trying to conceive. Getting pregnant before the mandatory touch up after 6-8 weeks would mean the appointment needs to be pushed back until the client gives birth and stops breastfeeding.

Is It Safe to Get Microblading during IVF process?

IVF is another way of trying to conceive, and similar to any other way of trying to get pregnant, it is better to postpone any plans to get microblading treatment. There isn’t enough information regarding how the hormonal changes of the IVF process can affect the pigments or the final look.

In case you get pregnant after the initial procedure, it is recommended to skip the first touch up session and push it back until after giving birth and once done with breastfeeding. You can always use regular makeup to touch up the brows yourself.

How Long After Microblading Can I Get Pregnant?

The factors to consider before trying to conceive is if the brows are completely healed and you are done with the touch up appointment at 6-8 weeks.

Main Takeaways

Microblading while pregnant is not recommended and it is best to get the procedure after giving birth and once the client has stopped breastfeeding.

Most salons do not accept pregnant clients but if you find one that does, make sure you are aware of the potential risks stated in this article.

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