Blonde Eyebrows

Blonde Eyebrows

Microblading brows for Blondes

If you’ve ever wondered if it’s worth it to get microblading procedures for blondes, read on to find out just how successful the procedure can be for this shade of hair color as well.

Microblading for Blondes

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Is Microblading Blonde Eyebrows Possible?

Definitely. Microblading pigments allow for a diverse range of shades to be used in the procedure.

Experienced artists take careful consideration in creating the right shade to match the client’s hair color.

What is Microblading?

A form of permanent make up procedure, microblading enhances the brows by giving extra volume with a natural look. It is done by creating small incisions lightly into the skin using a manual tool that mimics the look of hair strokes.

The pigments are particular to PMU and get naturally broken down by the skin after about 2 years.

Why Is Microblading for Blondes a Great Idea?

People with blonde hair understand the struggle of making their brows help enhance their features by using different makeup products.

It is a challenge to find the right shade but not impossible. Experienced microblading artists are able to help clients find a shade that best suits them.

Blonde Eyebrow microblading

What Is Blonde Microblading Like?

The microblading process is the same regardless of the hair color, so microblading for blondes have no difference in procedure with other microblading appointments.

The process starts with a consultation between the client and the artist so they can discuss your preferences and the artist’s recommendations. A pre-draw is also done by measuring and outlining the shape and look of the brows.

Before the procedure, a topical anesthetic is applied for better comfort during treatment. Strokes are done by using a manual tool to make tiny incisions through the second layer of the skin where the pigments are deposited.

A typical appointment lasts around 2 to 3 hours and is followed by strict healing and aftercare instructions. After the healing process, the client gets to enjoy their fabulous microblading brows.

Microblading for blondes

What Is Blonde Microblading Healing Process Like?

To get to the final microblading look, each treated area has to go through a healing journey. The skin will need 4 to 6 weeks to fully heal the open wound. Here are the typical stages of this journey:

  • Dark stage - in the beginning, your brows will look too dark especially in the first 2 days after the appointment
  • Scabbing stage - Scabs start to form around 3 days in and will start peeling for up to two weeks.
  • Ghosting stage - Once the scabs start to heal, the eyebrows will look like they disappeared. But don’t worry because it will go back during the next stage.
  • Final look - The brows take their final shape after a few more days or weeks. Going to your mandatory touch up appointment will fix any imperfections or fill in any gaps that showed up during the healing process. This is done around 6-8 weeks after the brows fully heal.

Learn more about the microblading healing process from this guide.

What Is Blonde Microblading Aftercare Like?

There is no difference in the healing process and aftercare instructions for people with blonde hair.

But your artist can give you specific instructions based on a few factors like skin type. Listen carefully to the products to avoid and the activities that can speed up fading of the pigment used. Examples of these activities are those that lead to excessive sweating or getting wet for long periods of time.

Read this guide to learn more about microblading aftercare.

Blonde MicrogbladingWhat Colors Are Available for Blonde Microblading?

Color matching is an important part of the consultation process particularly for blonde clients. The preference is often a shade slightly darker than their own hair but still suitable to their features.

The wide ranges of microblading pigments allows great color matching even to create custom colors. Strawberry blondes need not worry!

Experienced artists know to come up with a bit warmer or cooler tones such as warm light browns or cool ashy tones. Color theory is a fundamental part of microblading, and artists spend a lot of time studying pigments to be able to give the right recommendations for their clients. It also takes experience to predict how the colors will end up looking since the shades are different once it heals. Additionally, choosing the right shade should make sure the procedure will blend naturally with the natural brow color of the client.

Hot Tip:

You will notice the color of your brows be very dark during the first few days since the pigments need time to settle into the skin.

Don’t panic! The color will lighten up drastically and the final look will be worth it!

Microblade BlondesAlternative PMU Procedures for Blonde Eyebrows

There have been some emerging spin-offs to the microblading procedure such as: powder brows which include a soft shadow and ombre brows come with a more dramatic look. Each of these can be done on blonde clients as well.

A common recommendation for those who are more hesitant about microblading is a treatment called brow lamination partnered with tinting. It provides the same enhanced look with less commitment.

Main Takeaways

Even clients with blonde hair no longer need to worry about filling their brows everyday. Microblading enhances the brows, providing additional volume with a natural look. Brows are important in framing the face and blonde clients get to experience the wonders of microblading.

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