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Get Connected With Scalpa and

 Build Your Empire!

This is great way to get connected with others in the industry, from beginners
who are still learning, to the experts who have mastered their skill. Show off your
work, ask questions, share knowledge, learn, and continue growing.

We are here every step of the way, join us on telegram every month!

*Conference will only be open the first Wednesday of each month at 10am Arizona Time on Telegram

Previous Recorded Calls

MAY 27TH, 2020

JUNE 3RD, 2020

JUNE 10TH, 2020

JUNE 17TH, 2020

JUNE 24TH, 2020

JULY 1st, 2020

JULY 8th, 2020

JULY 15th, 2020

JULY 22nd, 2020

JULY 29th, 2020

AUGUST 5th, 2020

AUGUST 19th, 2020

AUGUST 26th, 2020

SEPTEMBER 2nd, 2020

SEPTEMBER 9th, 2020

SEPTEMBER 16th, 2020

DECEMBER 23rd,, 2020

DECEMBER 30th,, 2020

JANUARY 6th, 2021 

JANUARY 13th, 2021 

JANUARY 20th, 2021 

JANUARY 27th, 2021 

FEBRUARY 3rd, 2021 

FEBRUARY 17th, 2021 

FEBRUARY 24th, 2021 

MARCH 3rd, 2021 

MARCH  10th, 2021 

MARCH  17th, 2021 

MARCH  24th, 2021 

MARCH  31th, 2021 

APRIL 7th, 2021 

APRIL 14th, 2021 

APRIL 21st, 2021 

APRIL 28th, 2021 

MAY 12th, 2021 

JUNE 9th, 2021 

JULY 7th, 2021 

AUGUST  4th, 2021 

OCTOBER  6th, 2021 

NOVEMBER 3rd, 2021 

DECEMBER 1st, 2021 

JANUARY 5th, 2022

FEBRUARY 2nd, 2022

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