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Scalpa is a “from the dirt of the ground”, brain child idea that sprouted all over the world as the biggest training and product platform for artists and trainers.
Bryce Cleveland had this dream to help others who desired an independent life from the broken education system let them down. From living out of his car at the age of 16 to building this international company, he knows the pitfalls and struggles entrepreneurs face when building their dream and have it come to fruition. 

It wasn’t an instant success, it was hard work and it didn’t come easy but through resilience and clarity around a vision to help women gain a sense of confidence by learning new trades and finding their power it blossomed into a world-wide phenominon.
He sought out to create an infrastructure and ecosystem that gives freely, supports endlessly for his students and is a safe place to learn and speedway their career without the monotonous and useless archaic education system that takes too long and is very unproductive. It’s become a community, a culture, a movement of success stories globally which he fine tunes daily and thrives off. Tapping into every technology there is and new programs to keep progressing his students at the highest level.

From affiliate systems that build long term wealth, to a full on design team to help structure his students as authority figures. PR consultants to get his students National articles, this isn’t your normal aesthetics and PMU training enterprise. This is a system that is meant for success unlike the college system and other training companies. This company is not built on collecting money from students to train them and then shutting the door on the most important next steps to building your business.
His saying has always been, “whatever I can do, my students can do.” He went through hell and back building an empire and he created a clear roadmap on how to be successful and  build something special in the industry to skip all the nonsense and get to making money and serving clients.
His passion lies deep and he particular relates to women who have struggled in their life and desire a vehicle for success. This isn’t some idea or philosophy, he is no guru. He creates products, builds robust trainings program around them utilizing the best trainers in these specific niches in the aesthetics and PMU industry and has his students on top of their game, fast.

As a high school dropout in the 9th grade, this was the way he paid back those with the same struggle. “Find what you love to do and never work a day in your life,” he says,”get vulnerable, share your story, serve the world with your new given skill and start living a life you always dreamed of.”
Bryce has been in National publications all over the world and has written 2 books, “How to Become a Business Savage”, and “The Wealthy You.” He made a commitment years ago that his purpose in life was to serve students and do what no college system could ever do for their students, and he did just that. Now serving over 55 countries worldwide but keeping his company’s cornerstone on intimate support and endless guidance.

“If you win, I win, it’s just that simple, get out of your shell, know the power that lives inside yourself and show up like the powerhouse you are.” He doesn’t do anything average and he expects the same from his hundreds of thousands of students and hand picked trainers.

“Beyond training you your new craft, I want you to imagine, dream and get clear on the life of abundance you’re going to live, come take this journey with me and let’s not shoot for the stars, let’s live as a superstar that’s already inside of you, I’ll see you in training.”

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