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Launches March 1st

Your life will change GUARANTEED or YOUR MONEY BACK!

when you purchase my program, you’ll get instant access to the full training. March 1st I start our weekday live course where we dissect the program and put it in overdrive. If you’re ready to be a wealth magnet and live a life beyond your wildest dreams.. this is the course for you. This is my life’s work all inside one course, come take a ride on the wild side and let’s make dreams come true!

Long before I created this program, I like many, was a seeker. I was desperately trying to find a way to make my life better.

From living in my car at the age of 16 to growing several companies with massive success, there were big ups and huge downs. I started to become sensitive to my surrounding and started to have real awareness around the cause and effect of my life and situation. I was haphazardly creating EVERYTHING.. good and bad. I realized at first, that possibly, we 100% create our own reality. I found if we are intentional, we can possibly create whatever experience we want out of life.

But I needed proof..

Over the course of many years I read hundreds of books and hours of audio books that explored these ideas. I found myself reading a lot of new age, visualization and meditation books but I needed something more clearer. What is the big picture purpose of life and building real wealth and how does it work?

 And so I still needed more solid proof to answer this!

It wasn't that I didn't believe what I was reading. On a conscious level, I totally understood how using tools like visualization and meditation could somehow change the circumstances of my life. However, I couldn't seem to make them work, which was extremely frustrating. I would fail and not know why it happened to me and play the victim and then succeed and not understand how I even deserved that massive windfall of success. 

I studied all of this for so long, in fact, that I became interested in teaching these principles to others in my community. I created audio programs, went on tour across the country and did some speaking in hopes of making a living showing people how to create their lives by design.

The honest horrible problem was that i wasn’t being honest with myself and others and i wasn’t yet fully doing it myself and living what I preached. There were missing pieces to the puzzle that I still needed before I could take my intellectual understanding of these ideas and put them into practice in a way that would see results and make an impact that I yearned so much for!

As a result, I was not very successful. Although to this day, I believe what I was teaching was accurate. However, there were missing pieces, pieces I first needed to find for myself before I could ever make a pro-found difference in the lives of others.

Things became so bad around me and I became such a victim to my circumstances that I finally realized that what I needed to do was just stop trying so hard. I had been teaching people that the "universe" would do all the figuring out for you, if you would only let it. The truth was, however, that I didn't really understand how that worked!

In essence, I decided to follow what I was teaching to other people, which was to listen to and act on my intuition. This meant getting clear on what I wanted in my life, and then watching for signs, if you will, of what I should do next. This was tricky at first, because the things I was led to do didn't seem to make any logical sense in terms of my goals. Still, I followed those nudges, which led me down a path that changed my life forever.

Sparing you all the details, a series of inspired conversations and "chance meetings" led me to Quantum Physics and how it really works. My mind was totally blown on every levels, because through my research, it literally filled in all the blanks for me. It addressed what I hadn't even realized, that I needed-the science behind what I was training!

For the first time, I was able to understand the real power of my thoughts and beliefs- that they were real energy that had a significant impact on my experience of life.

I was able to see clearly that, although I was taking a lot of action in my efforts to become successful, my true beliefs about money and success were that "money is hard to come by, and there will never be enough," because that had always been my experience growing up. I suddenly understood the power that these different beliefs were having over my ability to be, do, and have all the things I wanted in life.

Creating your own reality didn't seem New Age anymore; in fact, it is something that we are all doing every moment of every day. It’s what is spoken in by every sage spiritual leader and I found the core of what was being said and wrote.

My life was changed forever and I couldn’t help but have an abundant and wealthy life, it just wasn’t even an option anymore. I didn’t even try, it just happened because I had the simple tools and awareness. In what seemed like an instant, which it wasn’t, I had absolute clarity about the next steps to take in my life and how to evolve my vision for helping people to understand these concepts in a way that would make a powerful difference for the world.

I immediately envisioned an online program through which I could share my work with the world, in this "Wealth and Life by Design Program."

Your life will change completely after going through this course when you realize how the universe really works and how to utilize this knowledge practically to live an amazing magical lives beyond your wildest dreams.

My success, my career, the differences I've been able to make in the lives of others, and the incredible opportunities I've had are all due to the information laid out in this course step-by-step.

Do you desire to create the life of your dreams?

Do you want to literally command your desires with certainty and watch how the art of synchronization works right in front of your eyes?

Do you feel that you self sabotage your true destiny and there is a whole extravagant reality that you are missing out on?

Have you read tons of books like me and still don’t feel you have the answers to create powerful realities for yourself?

If any of these questions are something you want crystal clear answers for, this course will change your life FOREVER!

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