Microblading for men

Microblading for men

Microblading for Men

There has been growing interest in microblading procedures for men. If you are a guy or know a guy looking for a way to enhance their look, this would be a good option. This procedure is also called man eyebrow embroidery and provides a natural eyebrow look.

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Microblading for men

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Why Is Microblading for Men a Thing?

Regardless of gender, people want to look good. Particularly, men who are worried about thinning eyebrows or even any damage to their brow hair can get a microblading procedure for these concerns. As they get older, men can start to see their brows being sparse and losing volume.

Brows are known to be important for framing the face. It even enhances the other features and draws attention to the eyes. With this in mind, even men find it important to keep their brows well groomed.

Microblading for men can help restore the brows to its natural full look or give the client an enhanced look for their brows.

This procedure is also a good choice for covering any scars in the area near the brows.

What Is Microblading?

Microblading is a popular permanent makeup procedure done to enhance the brows while keeping a natural yet voluminous look. The artist can enhance the brows or fix the shape and color based on what suits the client’s face.

A manual tool is used to make tiny incisions where a certain pigment is deposited into the skin to mimic the look of hair strokes. The treatment is quick and relatively painless that lasts up to 18 months.

Is There any Difference in the Procedure Between Microblading for Men and Women?

Interest for microblading started off with women enhancing their brows and now the interest has expanded to men as well. There is no difference between the procedure done for men and women.

The mapping for men’s brows is outlined manually to get the right shape for male brows. Women’s brows on the other hand have a lot more curves than for men which is why artists use stencils or other mapping methods for the brows.

Male microblading

What Does a Male Microblading Procedure Involve?

The microblading is universal regardless of the gender of the client and here is a closer look at the process:

  • Step 1: Finding the proper color
  • Artists have a wide range of pigments to choose from but they can also create a custom-blend to match the natural hair color of the client. The pigment has to blend with the real hair strokes so the brows will end up looking natural and fuller.
  • Step 2: Imitating the natural growth pattern
  • The direction of the hair strokes is something artists take note of so they can recreate and plan the strokes they will add through the procedure. The artist must imitate the correct direction for the hairs, if they grow upwards, downwards or sideways.
  • Step 3: The shape
  • This is where the difference between a male and female microblading procedure shows up. Women’s brows tend to be more curved with a sleep sharp edge while male brows tend to look unruly and imperfect.

Men prefer to keep the natural unruly look to their brows so artists with experience doing procedures for males add intentional stray hair while also following the brow bone.

For male brows, the tail is not very prominent which can be fixed through the microblading procedure. Elongating the tail of the brow can help make the face more proportional but still keeping it more loose and natural.

Are the Results of Male Microblading Natural-Looking?

Definitely! With the right artist, the procedure can create brows that enhance the face yet with a natural look. Artists create strokes that mimic the natural direction of the hair so it all blends well together. The brows end up fuller with a better shape that isn’t unnatural.

Microblading mens eyebrows


Is Microblading Permanent?

Since it is a form of permanent makeup, this procedure lasts for quite some time but the pigment used breaks down and gets absorbed by the skin. The results of this procedure do not last forever and some factors can speed up fading as well.

How Long Does Microblading for Men Last?

In general, a microblading procedure lasts up to 2 years but depends on a person’s skin tone and lifestyle choices.

Touch up appointments are recommended at least once a year to fix any imperfections and to maintain the quality and color of the brows. For clients who grow tired of their treatment, they can just wait for it to fade.

How Do I Choose the Right Artist for Men’s Microblading?

Recommendations from someone you know is a good option in choosing your artist. Other sources that can help you make a decision is by researching salons or artists near you with experience in handling men.

Looking through before and after photos of the artist is a great way to see what they can do. Reviews on social media and websites are also a good way to get to know your artist’s abilities.

In terms of price, try to find an artist who charges on average rather than going for the cheapest option. Low costing procedures may mean less experienced artists or low quality equipment. In case you are not satisfied with your procedure, there is an option for fading or removal. Make sure to book an artist with the right certifications and licensing.

Microblade eyebrows for men

Main Takeaways

Regardless of gender, microblading is a great solution for clients who want naturally full brows. Particularly for men, it can be suitable for those who want to enhance their features or correct their brows due to certain conditions or age. Getting more volume or fixing the shape is something that can be easily achieved with this procedure.

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