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Touch Up

Importance of a Microblading Touch Up

Your microblading procedure won't be complete without a touch up session. If you want the best results for your treatment, make sure you get your mandatory touch up session after the healing period.

Read on to find out more about the cost, frequency, effects and more!

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Why Do I Need a Microblading Touch Up?

After a microblading procedure, the treated area goes through a healing process with several phases. The brows start off as too dark, then scabs will start to appear and finally it will fade too lightly before the color comes back by the end of the healing period. Sometimes the brows would look uneven and patchy, some of the pigment may have fallen off with the scabs. The healing process is unique for each client and there can be gaps when the brows heal.

To fix these gaps and patches, a mandatory touch up session is recommended after the healing process wherein the artist adds the necessary strokes to fill in the spaces that need more pigment. In some cases when the pigment still won't stay put after the touch up, the aesthetician would suggest a new procedure– microshading.

Other than filling up the gaps, the touch up session is used to correct any imperfections or modifications in case the client is not satisfied with the shape or color of their brows.

What Happens if You Don't Touch Up Microblading?

If clients opt to not get their mandatory touch up appointment, their brows would look like how they turned out after the healing process which is often uneven and patchy.

Without any touch up procedure, the brows are prone to fading within 6 to 12 months after the initial appointment.

When Is the First Microblading Touch Up Done?

The recommended touch up after the initial procedure is done once the treated area has healed– around 4 to 6 weeks. But because healing is unique for each client, some may need to wait up to 8 weeks before their brows heal and can be touched up. It's important to wait for the skin to heal or else you would risk further scarring or trauma to the sensitive area.

On average, the touch up appointment should not be scheduled within 5 weeks of the initial procedure but not later than 10 weeks. Which is why artists often book the touch up appointment around the 6-8 week mark.

How Long Does the Microblading Touch Up Process Last?

Touch up appointments can be finished within an hour which is much less time than the initial procedure.

The difference in time is because there is less area to be fixed. But the time will still depend on how much area needs fixing and re-touching and whether the brows only need to be filled or shaded.

How to touch up microblading

How Long Is the Touch Up Healing Period?

The healing process after the first mandatory touch up will not be as intense as it was during the initial procedure. The healing time is shorter because the new treatment is done on smaller areas of the brows. It only takes around 5 to 7 days.

This time around, there won't be as much scabbing but flaking may still show up. Clients often find this period of healing less taxing than the initial healing process and the results show up much quicker. There is notably less redness, itchiness and irritation on the treated area.

What Does the Touch Up Aftercare Include?

Aftercare for the touch up appointment is similar to the routine after the initial procedure. The area still needs to be cleaned and moisturized, following the instructions from your aesthetician.

The activities to avoid are the same which are: using makeup, excessive sweating, exposure to the sun, long showers and rubbing or scratching the treated area.

How Much Does the First Microblading Touch Up Cost?

Oftentimes, the price of the mandatory touch up appointment is already included in the initial price. Since most artists consider microblading a 2-step procedure: the initial treatment then the touch up. The average pricing for a microblading procedure can go from $600 to as high as $2000.

In case the touch up session is not included in the initial costing, it costs around $150-$200. The price varies based on the following factors: location, reputation of the artist, skill, popularity of the salon and the products being used.

How Long Do Microbladed Brows Last After the Touch-Up?

Although it is considered permanent make up, microblading procedures fade after some time.

It seems like a tattoo in terms of how it is done with a machine, but the difference lies with how the pigment is inserted not as deep and how it breaks down gradually.

Microblading typically lasts for 12-18 months but with the right conditions, it may last for even 3 years.

Here are the factors that can affect the longevity of your procedure:

  • Skin type
  • Skin care routine
  • Lifestyle activities
  • Frequency of touch up appointments
Microblade Touch Up

Do I Need More than One Touch Up?

Regular touch up sessions are recommended for the best maintenance of your microblading procedure.

Your brows will start fading after quite some time depending on your skin type and lifestyle. If you want your microblading treatment to fade, skip getting your brows touched up.

In case you or your client are not satisfied with the microblading procedure and don't want to get them corrected through a touch up or not willing to wait for them to fade naturally, there is always the option for microblading fading or removal.

How Often Do You Have to Touch Up Microblading?

Scheduling your touch up appointment depends on when you notice your brows are starting to fade. Generally, your brows only need a touch up every 12 months.

But for those with oily skin, the treatment fades away faster than for those with dry skin.

Lifestyle choices such as frequent sun exposure, or getting sweaty in the gym or swimming and using certain skincare products can accelerate fading thus more frequent touch ups are necessary.

Microblading doesn't last forever so it is recommended to go back to your artist at least once a year.

How Faded Does Your Eyebrows Microblading Need to Be Before You Can Retouch It?

The decision is up to you and your preference. There is no definite rule or time frame on when your brows need to be retouched.

But it is important to put into consideration that the more faded the brows are, the more work needs to be done during the touch up appointment. This affects the length of the appointment, the cost and the healing afterwards.

Main Takeaways

To get the best result of your microblading procedure, don't miss your mandatory touch up within 6-8 weeks. The next touch up appointments are optional but they keep your brows looking perfect for longer.

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