Microshading Cost

Microshading Cost

All About the Cost of a Microshading Treatment

Get to know everything that can impact the price of microshading treatments. From artists, location, and more.

Microshading is a great brow permanent makeup treatment for anyone who wants to combine the natural look of microblading strokes with a bit of shading. It's most commonly used in conjunction with hair strokes (creating a hybrid brow), but it can also be done on its own.

It is done by inserting pigments in tiny dots with either a machine or a manual shading tool beneath the brow hairs or between brow strokes to create a shadowy effect.

Since it is suitable for all skin types, it's an excellent option for clients whose skin is too oily for microblading.

Below you will learn about the average microshading prices in various cities and towns across the United States.

Average Cost of Microshading Treatments

On average, a microshading procedure costs $590.

This price is simply average and the range can go as low as $300 to even as high as $2000 depending on the location and the artist.

Microshading vs Other Brow Treatments

Is Microshading Cheaper than Other Brow PMU?

There is almost no difference in the pricing of microshading and microblading treatments as well as powder brows.

Cost of MicroshadingFactors that Determine Price

What Factors Determine How Much Is Microshading?

There are factors which explain the differences in the range of prices of microshading treatments. Here are the most common:

  • Artist experience: Artists who have been doing this for a long time have more experience, practice and have built a more solid reputation for themselves and their work. You will notice a big difference in the pricing of these artists and the beginning artists.
  • Salon exclusivity: You can see how reputable a salon is just by how it looks. As well as the services they offer and the equipment they use. Salons which lean more to the high-end market will have services that cost more.
  • Location: The biggest factor that can impact the price of treatment. Different cities have different baselines for the services they offer. Competition can also push the price to vary, with some offering budget services. For areas with little to no competition, prices will be in a similar range.

Cost of Microshading Treatment in the USA

In the United States, the average cost of microshading is $590 but it can go as low as $300 to as high as $2000.

The chart below shows the microshading price range and average price in 19 cities and towns across the United States. The cost includes the initial procedure and the mandatory touch up.

Taxes and additional fees may apply.

City State Cost Price Range
Aurora Area IL $525 $375 – $850
Chicago IL $700 $400 – $1400
Cleveland OH $550 $400 – $700
Columbus OH $550 $300 – $900
Dallas TX $580 $300 – $1350
Fort Worth TX $575 $500 – $650
Houston TX $610 $425 – $800
Jacksonville FL $500 $395 – $650
Los Angeles CA $830 $350 – $2000
Miami FL $700 $350 – $1100
NYC NY $780 $500 – $1250
Olympia WA $630 $300 – $900
Phoenix AZ $500 $350 – $675
Portland OR $620 $430 – $800
San Antonio TX $510 $325 – $650
San Diego CA $550 $300 – $775
San Francisco CA $805 $650 – $995
Seattle WA $710 $550 – $950
Tucson AZ $530 $450 – $625

Inclusions with Total Cost

When getting a microshading treatment, it includes the following:

  • Consultation: This is your first meeting with your artist. It's your chance to choose the shape and color of your future brows. You are also given detailed explanations of the procedure, the healing process, and aftercare. Some artists schedule consultations separately, while others schedule them right before the procedure.
  • Initial treatment: This is the main procedure where you get your skin prepped and pigmented with a manual tool or machine. It can take up to 2 hours.
  • Touch up: The second visit is necessary for the microshading process and is scheduled 6-8 weeks after the initial treatment, once the healing period has ended. It's an opportunity to add more pigments where they're needed especially since healing can leave some lighter spots that need filling.

Price of Additional Touch Ups

Are Additional Touch Ups Included in the Microshading Price?

After the mandatory touch up, the succeeding touch ups will be an extra charge. The price depends on how much work needs to be done. If you have touch ups more frequently, the price could be cheaper than waiting for years before a touch up.

Skin Type and Cost of Microshading

Will My Skin Type Affect the Price of Microshading?

For this type of PMU treatment, it is suitable for any skin type so the price will be the same regardless of skin type.

Microshading is better suited to oily skin and large pores than microblading, but it will still fade faster on oily skin.

If your skin is particularly oily, you may require more frequent touch-ups, raising the total microshading cost over time.

Microblading vs Microshading

Is Microblading Cheaper Than Microshading?

In terms of cost, there is barely any difference between microblading and microshading. But often than not, artists will charge more for microshading since it requires more work during the procedure.

Choosing an Artist

How Do I Choose an Artist Based On Their Microshading Price?

It's critical to find an artist who produces high-quality work without overcharging. The best strategy is to compare prices from several salons in your area and choose an artist who charges a price that is close to the average.

Choosing an experienced artist is critical not only for achieving satisfactory results, but also for keeping you safe and healthy. That is why, despite their low price, you should never go to a self-taught, uncertified artist.

Once you've found your artist, do some research - look at their before and after portfolios, read their reviews, and only contact them if you're confident in their abilities.

Microshading Treatment CostIs Microshading worth it?

With microshading, you can have the brows of your dreams that can last up to months and years. But for you to get there, you have to take the treatment seriously and follow the aftercare instructions of your artist.

Since this is still a procedure where your skin is opened, there are still some risks if you do book a reputable artist who works with a sterile working environment. You also play a big role by not picking at the scabs that form during healing.

Microshading Cost: Key things to note

Knowing the different factors that play a role in the price of a microshading procedure can help you make the decision of choosing your artist and even the PMU procedure.

What matters is the skill and the experience of the artist you will book.

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