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Our training communities will prove extremely helpful for every stage of your growth process. You will get extra assistance and guidance after you finish your training and you will get the opportunity to give back after you have developed some skill and knowledge of your own! 


Our WhatsApp community has over 250 people in it that have all went through or are going through our online training programs. In this highly active community people ask all sorts of questions about products, procedures, methods, business tips, training tips and more. The amazing thing is that there is always a response from one of our more knowledgeable members. This is a huge support system that you won't find anywhere else. Join us now! 

This group often reaches capacity limits. Please join our groups below incase.


Our facebook group has been around since our former company was formed, Scalp Aesthetics. There are over 1,600 people in this group that also all support each other and help each other. Our mission is to create a loving, caring, giving culture, where there are no stupid questions and we can all grow by helping, giving, and sharing. Join us now! 


Our WhatsApp Community group often fills up and Telegram allows us to all chat without any capacity limits. Chat with hundreds of people in the industry, ask questions, learn and grow. This is a huge support system that you won't find anywhere else. Join us now!

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