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        Rehab AfterCare

        The Scalpa Rehab balm is the perfect aftercare solution for permanent makeup procedures. Protect the area while soothing any irritation and ensure your client leaves feeling comfortable and confident.

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        Practice Synthetic Skin

        This synthetic skin pack is used in training and practice for the SMP procedure but can be used for PMU removal, Microblading, and Ombre.  Options: Single Blank Sheet (1) Pack of...

        Scalpa PMU Machine

        The Scalpa Pen is designed to deliver high-quality scalp micropigmentation procedures as its primary function. The Scalpa Pen has a stroke length of 4.2mm. This longer stroke enables the technician to deposit...

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        Permanent Makeup Liner Needles

        Includes Scalpa permanent makeup needles for lining procedures. These needles fit most grips and machines on the market and also fit the Cheyenne Machine Grips. Formerly the Pro Needle. 1003RL...

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        Bryce SMP Needle (20 pack)

        This needle is custom-made to create SMP procedures that have amazing retention. There is no other needle on the market like the Bryce needle. Completely custom-made by founder and CEO, Bryce...

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        Scalpa Numb - Pre Procedure

        Numb is the best numbing relief cream on the market, custom made by SCALPA. This is specifically for numbing prior to procedure and will help relieve pain during PMU, SMP, Microchanneling, Fibroblast, Tattooing,...

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        SMP Interactive Online Training Course

        Scalpa Academy is headed by world premiere artists of scalp micro pigmentation in the permanent makeup training space. We will provide you with scalp micro pigmentation permanent makeup training, introducing...

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        SMP 3D Tutorial

        Create natural, flawless scalp micropigmentation results! In this 15 minute tutorial, Founder and Master Artist, Bryce Cleveland will walk to you through how to create 3D SMP. This course is...

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        SMP Consultation & Prep Tutorial

        Learn the art of the consultation process and preparation for your scalp micropigmentation procedure. If the consultation has you nervous, learn from Master Artists and CEO, Bryce Cleveland on how...

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        SMP Back of Head Tutorial

        This course will focus on tips and tricks of perfecting the back of the head process during your scalp micropigmentation procedure!  This course is best when completed alongside our main...

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        SMP Tutorial - Scars

        Scalp Micropigmentation Training Tutorials with CEO and Founder, Bryce Cleveland. In this training video, Bryce will cover how to create flawless scar concealment.  Note: This course does not come with...

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