Scalp micropigmentation is the most exciting innovation in the history of hair loss treatment. Never before has a truly viable and permanent solution been so accessible, and so affordable. This is the world’s first and only solution that is 100% guaranteed to work, and is achieved with NO surgery, NO pills and NO cover-ups.

This industry is growing at unprecedented pace, faster than any other hair loss solution. An estimated 40,000 people around the world have had scalp micropigmentation, and demand continues to grow year on year. This surge has created a parallel demand for talented individuals who can master the art of scalp micropigmentation and change lives across the globe. We’ve created this scalp micropigmentation training for you to be a part of the growth and demand.

To perform scalp micropigmentation procedures to a high standard, a number of core skills must be mastered. These include some basics like workstation setup and hygiene, setting up the machine, pigment selection and mixing, materials disposal and client aftercare that is all included in our scalp micropigmentation training.

However the skills that really separate a good technician like the creation of defined and natural hairlines, density, penetration depth, blending with surrounding hair, scar camouflage and concealment of alopecia, are absolutely essential to building a successful and lucrative scalp micropigmentation business. This is all included in our scalp micropigmentation training as well.

More than 90% of our technicians are trained via our interactive online learning program. Our Scalp Micropigmentation Training Course is extremely comprehensive and equips the trainee with the skills they need to become a successful and reputable technician.

We recognize however that some people prefer a classroom training environment. For this reason, you can travel to one of our four training locations, after the successful completion interactive online scalp micropigmentation training program. This face-to-face training will be with a Scalp Aesthetics Master Technician and Trainer. This provides an amazing opportunity to learn the art of scalp micropigmentation hands-on with the best in the business.

The course duration is three days, and is currently available in Scottsdale, Arizona; Rochester, New York; Liverpool, England; Adelaide, South Australia. This can only be done after completion of our online scalp micropigmentation training.

As with our online training option, all the equipment you need including the Scalpa Treatment Gun, Inks and Needles, is included in the cost of the program. These are yours to keep.



The Scalp Micropigmentation Industry is exploding and making its mark on the map, globally. Not only are more people becoming aware of this revolutionary balding treatment, men around the world are recognizing this technique as a solution they can really live with, and are choosing scalp micropigmentation over traditional options such as hair transplant surgery, wigs and drugs.

The global spend on scalp micropigmentation is estimated in excess of $40,000,000 every year, and growing fast. The average treatment cost is $4000 and the profit margin is far beyond the reach of most regular businesses. For skilled and dedicated technicians, the opportunity available is vast and largely unexploited and this is why we offer such a special scalp micropigmentation training program.

Our training and affiliates package gives you all the benefits of a franchise network, without the costs, and enables you to fully capitalize on this emerging market.
A successful scalp micropigmentation technicianmust possess the right equipment, materials, the skill set to use these tools and effective marketing.

For the very best hair follicle replications, tattoo inks and semi-permanent makeup pigments are not suitable. These artists techniques are very different and the toughest challenge a marketing structure that draws a different clientele.



As a Scalp Aesthetics affiliate, we provide you with:

  • Your location, phone number, website and social media information will be accessible on our corporate site under locations.  Our website receives 5000 daily visitors and with your information on our website these clients will now reach out directly to you and not go through our call center.
  • The use of our logo, name and other brand assets
  • The use of our extensive photo and video library to sell the SMP service
  • Access to our Scalpa kits now for only $100

Scalp Aesthetics is the world’s largest scalp micropigmentation training course and clinic with more than 100 locations globally. By the end of 2016 we are forecasting more than 300 affiliated locations, worldwide. Our nearest competitor has only 20 locations. We are currently growing at a rate of 15 new affiliate locations monthly.

We grow at an unprecedented rate for two reasons – the quality of our treatments and the relationships we have with our business affiliates. When you join the Scalp Aesthetics family, you benefit from our outstanding reputation, world class support and our powerful marketing machine that drives customers to your location.

Maybe you’re looking for secure self-employment, or an additional service for your existing business. Perhaps you want to operate a dedicated scalp micropigmentation salon or clinic. Whatever your ambition, you can achieve it with Scalp Aesthetics.