You are now ready for your final step before certification. Use your mannequin or synthetic skin for the final exam. Be sure to give your client a natural hairline and draw in a hairline. You will need to do all three sessions and take pictures of each one, showing up your result.  

Final Exam

I want you to create a natural hairline on this client and blend along the sides as well. I want to see your your first, second and final procedure, FRONT, SIDES, and BACK. The reason I want to see each session is to make sure you are applying enough density each session. 

We do not provide a mannequin head in our kit, you can opt to purchase one or practice on a melon such as a honeydew.  

We want to see a natural hairline, meaning, consistency in dots that are evenly spaced out with no open patches or spaces. We also want to see the actual dot itself. As mentioned in the course, a slanted dot could be the way you are holding machine or how deep you are placing the ink. 

Please provide us with a copy of your Bloodborne Pathogen and Infection Control and Prevention Certifications.

Please submit mannequin/synthetic skin work together. 

 Good luck my new Scalpa Team Fam!

Before You Start Your Exam

Watch how I lighting I go through the 3rd session to really top it off. I personally think the first and 3rd session is where the magic is. First session laying those tight initial impressions, second adding density and third really making it look FLAWLESS.

**Once your work has been approved, your Educator will email you a final exam. This exam must be completed and you must score an 80% or higher in order to receive certification. You can take this exam as much as needed in order to pass and you can use the course for guidance. To retake the exam, simply return to the approval email she sent you and re-click the exam link to take it again. 


Upon becoming certified, Scalpa lists all students on a Global Directory with basic information, including name, procedure certified in, and zip code. You do not have to fill this out if you do not want to be added. 

 To list full business information including contact information, business address, website, company name, and bio, upgrade to become a Premium Member!





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Disclaimer of Medical and Legal Liability: Scalpa training courses are intended to provide the general knowledge to perform procedures but is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Reliance on the information in this training course for procedural purposes is to be used at your own risk. If you have questions or concerns, contact a medical professional prior to treatment. Scalpa is not held responsible or liable for risks involved with this procedure. 


Scalpa strongly advises each member or student to research their local legislation. It is your sole responsibility to check and clarify all rules and regulations pertaining to your country, state, city and county if you are planning on performing our training program procedures as a professional. Because Scalpa is offered worldwide, we cannot guarantee this information. Please check with your local health department, governing boards and FDA regulations regarding performance of any Scalpa course procedure. Scalpa is not held responsible or liable for legal encounters regarding licensing, regulations, or other legal aspects pertaining to procedural operation.