Now that you have completed and feel confident in your depth technique, the second most important skill in the scalp micropigmentation process is the creation of the hairline, which we will teach you in this module. You will learn the techniques to create and build a new hairline unique to each client. Hairline creation does require a certain degree of trial and error. Creating the hairline is something that is an individual skill, that will need development, and requires practice. Always follow these golden rules: Actively listen to the client, redraw the line as many times as necessary, and BE CONSERVATIVE….less is more, you can add more but you can’t take away.

Lets watch Bryce Live creating a hairline before we start

Creating the hairline

Creating the hairline is the REAL first conversation you're going to have with your client. Make sure you're compassionate and listen to their views but know boundaries. Some clients haven't had hair in 20 years and want their hairline right above their eyebrows. Set expectations, start conservative and start looking at possibilities. Some clients will bring in pictures on their hairline when they were younger as well. You can  really do whatever you want if it's shaved down, so get creative and have fun.

Creating the hairline

It's time to show me your hairline. I want to see natural, widow and straight hairline. It's a big eye game of just looking at it straight on and really seeing what is straight and what isn't. Everyone's head is very different and this is not like doing brows. Use your Scalpa ruler to trace out areas and focus. Send me your pictures!

Creating the hairline and procedure

Don't you love it when you nail it the first time.. this won't happen often, it's a constant progression of going back and forth.. but for the camera for some reason I nailed it, I NEVER DO! So watch not only the creation of the hairline but my impressions and how I lay the pigment. I always do the hairline first to get it out of the way and show the client to put them at ease. 

Lets get into synthetic skin

Follow my process step by step and you can't lose. Hard hairlines are easier but the natural hairline is where the learning curve comes. Watch the video and send me your work.

**Please wait for confirmation from your trainer before moving forward to Module 5**


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