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  • Highest Cleanliness Standards

  • The Safest Materials & Suppliers

  • New Cleaner Bottling Facility

  • Ridged Safety Procedures

  • Testing Ingredients On Arrival

  • Quality Assurance Checks 


The FDA made a mistake last week and posted about Scalpa SMP ink being on recall as of May 15th 2019. The recall was something that happened August to October 2018 and was resolved. No one was infected or hurt and we’ve worked closer than any of company with FDA to have the highest standards in the industry.  The FDA updated their website showing that we are not in a recall and it was a mistake. The FDA link is updated here

Below you can download the termination letter or retraction of what happened. Thank for all who believed in Scalpa through this process. There is no better pigment or ink on the planet and we work hard daily to give our artists the best of the best. We have made significant changes to our packaging process even though we are not sure how the microorganisms got in the pigment. It's possible it came from a supplier for the ingredients we buy. We have upgraded our product center and all products are tested before they are mixed into our final product. 

We are so fortunate to be a part of this recall because it helped us learn and become extremely cleanly and further develop our product packaging process with advice directly from the FDA. There will be new regulation launching in 2020 and we will be setting the example and have standards for the highest compliance and code. 

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