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So as most know the FDA made a mistake last week and posted about Scalpa SMP ink being on recall as of May 15th. This was something that happened almost a year ago and was resolved. No one was infected and in turn we’ve worked closer than any of company with fda to have the highest standards in the industry. It’s unfortunate that competitors who lack creativity and originality had to use this for their gain and bash us but the truth always prevails as it did this morning. The FDA updated their website showing that we are not in a recall and it was a mistake. 

Below you can download the termination letter or retraction of what happened. Thank for all who believed in me through this process and this agonizing week, but it feels good to be cleared of this. There is no better pigment or ink on the planet and we work hard daily to give our artists the best of the best. I have compassion for those who tried to hurt my reputation and credibility and will always stay the high road. My dedication and the dedication of our community to excellence in this industry will keep the scalpa flame burning and this will be something we can look back at as a lesson. 

A lesson to be kind, to have compassion and to have grace around all situations. This ripped my guts out this week, I was sick to my stomach and didn’t sleep much.. but oooo boy did it kick me in the ass to step it up a notch. Time to create even more opportunities at a much more higher level, more love and more ministry to artists in this industry who want to be supported by an awesome community.. the scalpa family. 🙏❤️

- Founder & CEO | Bryce Cleveland

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