Scalpa Academy Training Guide


Scalpa Academy is based on you. Your can fit our training into your schedule and lifestyle.These programs have been attended by permanent makeup artists, hair transplant surgeons, trichologists, paramedical tattooists, tattoo artists and entrepreneurs from around the world. These individuals joined our program to learn a new skill set, enhance service portfolio and often to start a new business in the scalp micropigmentation industry Our online training programs enables organizations and individuals to access the best very training materials and support, wherever in the world you may be based. There has never been a better time to learn scalp micropigmentation.

Training programs:

The Scalpa Starter Program: 

The Scalpa Starter Program is the first program in our training series.  You will have access to an extensive library of training videos.  Providing you self-learning.  There will be no trainer to assist, but you will receive your machine and materials. View full details >

Scalpa Academy Interactive Online Training Program:

Our intuitive online scalp micropigmentation training program, Scalpa Academy Interactive Online Program, is now the world’s most popular training method for new technicians, with graduates in more than 20 countries. This program you will work virtually with our Master Technician and Trainer, Joe Taylor. View full details >

Scalpa Academy Face to Face Internship:

This is our hands on, get down and dirty, hands on training. Not only will you be trained by some of our top artists but you will be working on true clients! This amazing opportunity will ensure you have all the knowledge, skills, and technique to create beautiful hairlines, on every client. View full details >
We want you to be the best scalp micropigmentation technician you can be, and our programs are designed with this goal in mind. Depending on the online training program of your choice, you will have access to a suite of videos, written explanations, and photographs. Scalpa Academy walks you through the entire process from the set-up of your workstation, through the treatment process itself to its conclusion and post-treatment sanitation. Everything is covered from consultation to touch ups.
Scalpa Academy Training Guide


On average if you are to dedicate 2-4 hours a day to training, individuals can complete the Scalpa Academy program in 2-3 weeks.  You will have to pass a final exam showcasing your skills in scalp micropigmentation. After successful completion of the Scalpa Academy Interactive Online Program, you can advance your skill set with attending: One-on-One Training or Master Class with Bryce Cleveland.

A partnership with the largest scalp micropigmentation company in the world, doesn’t cost as much as you may think. We have a vested interest in your success, so we want to leave as much money on the table as possible for you to re-invest in your business. That’s why we structure our licensing agreement the way we do.

Running any business presents a number of challenges. In this industry your success or failure rests on these two key objectives:

  • You must perform procedures to a high standard
  • You must be able to find and attract new customers

With our support, we’ll help you ace these two requirements. We’ll turn you into the best technician you can be, and give you the tools you need to effectively market your business.

Depending upon the training program of your choice, the cost of the training range from $1500 – $8000.  All programs come with a Scalpa Machine.

Upon successful completion of your training program, you have the option to affiliate yourself with Scalp Aesthetics. With the optional Scalp Aesthetic affiliation program there is a monthly licensing fee of $500 (USD). This gives you access to our brand, your location on our website, viewable by more than 5000 visitors daily. You can refer to your company as a Scalp Aesthetics affiliate. You will be able to use our corporate branding and video library to promote your new service, and enjoy the level of support you would expect from a professional licensor.

Finally, you will be able to purchase a Scalpa Kits for $100 (USD).  Each kit is per client providing you enough product to be utilized over 3 sessions.  Each kit includes genuine Scalpa ink, Scalpa needles and machine consumables.

In addition to the above you will require a suitable office, clinic or salon with basic fixtures and fittings, decorated and finished to a good standard. You must adhere to local licensing requirements and you are expected to uphold Scalp Aesthetics values of quality, integrity and service at all times.

If you choose not to affiliate with Scalp Aesthetics, that’s okay, you don’t have to!  You will still have access to the exclusive Scalpa Kits through Scalpa to use in your business.  Please note that just because you purchase product from Scalpa, you will not have an affiliation with Scalp Aesthetics and not be able to utilize the company branding to promote your business.

Few genuine business opportunities offer the same level of profitability as starting your own scalp micropigmentation business The average procedure costs $3000 (USD) and takes 6 hours to complete, split over 3 sessions. Yes, $500 (USD) per hour really is achievable as a scalp micropigmentation technician. The average Scalp Aesthetics affiliate treats 8 clients per month. That’s $24,000 (USD) in monthly revenue, minus the monthly affiliation/licensing fee ($500) and 8 Scalpa INC kits (8 x $100), leaving profits of $22,700
per month before overheads and taxes.

Solo entrepreneurs can earn a fantastic income this way, however many of our affiliates use their profits to train more technicians and spend more on marketing their business, enabling them to scale up to become multi-million dollar companies.