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What is PMU Lip?

Permanent Lip Pigmentation is great for creating perfectly shaped lips for a flawless and natural look. This is for those who want to even out an asymmetrical smile, appearance of bigger and more plump lips, or just the hassle-free application of daily makeup! You can match your client's desired look with different techniques and pigment colors for a natural or a luscious look. The process of PMU Lip is similar to that of tattooing. A machine is used to deposit pigment into the skin. The effects of the lips is semi-permanent and will eventually require touch-ups as the pigment is deposited into the upper layer of the skin and not much deeper as with a standard tattoo.



Scalpa Brow Pencil
Permanent Makeup Shading Needles
Permanent Makeup Liner Needles



The Scalpa Machine is designed to deliver high-quality Ombré, SMP, and PMU procedures. The Scalpa Pen has a stroke length of 4.2mm. This longer stroke enables the technician to deposit more ink into the skin while still only penetrating the outer layer of the skin. This technique results in a natural appearance resembling hair with results that are long lasting. Make each procedure run smoothly while receiving the best results with the Scalpa Machine! The Scalpa Machine is designed for comfort and is less likely to cause hand shaking or cramping that is often associated during long duration procedures.






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PMU Lip Training Kit
Synthetic Practice Lip Skin


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