DeadGal Nails can last anywhere from 1-3 weeks or even longer depending on proper care! Our high-quality nails and glue ensure long lasting results and you can even reapply again for reuse.


DeadGal Nails are all made from high-quality acrylic material for long-lasting use. Our nails are all non-toxic and are made out of high-quality and safe ingredients.

Heist-Mask Included

Live the DeadGal brand with your very own DeadGal heist mask. Included with every purchase this will be sure to keep your social media fresh to death. 

One Size Fits All

Each set of nails comes with two different sizes per nail. This ensures that the nails will fit for every nail size so you do not need to worry about measuring.


Our glue and nails are non-damaging so you do not need to worry about ruining your nails. DeadGal pop-on nails are much safer than standard salon options like acrylics or gel polish. The glue will slowly dissolve overtime or you can soak and gently pop off the nails instead.

All Included

Everything you need to achieve flawless nails will be included in your purchase. Each nail purchase will come with our custom formulated long-lasting nail glue.