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What is Scalpa Mesotherapy?

Our Scalpa Mesotherapy topical serums are designed to improve the look of scars, boost collagen, encourage hair growth, fat reduction, repair broken capillaries, acne and so much more. Micro-needling in and of itself, can offer a minimally invasive solution to so many skin issues. Simply put, micro-needling is the insertion of very fine short needles into the skin for the purpose of rejuvenation by creating microscopic punctures in the skin.



Microneedling Derma Pen
Microneedle / Nanoneedle Cartridge
Scalpa Accelerator Mask
Safety Face Mask
pH Stabilizer


derma Pen

The Scalpa Surface Pen is a micro-needling skin rejuvenation device. It delivers high-quality micro-needling procedures as well as Scalpa Shine and mesotherapy treatment.

Micro-needling has become one of the most popular and effective treatments used today for skin rejuvenation. The treatment is done using this machine which oscillates a tip up and down to stimulate a skin reaction. This induces cell turnover, boosts collagen, allows for serum infusion and provokes the healing process which results in skin transformation.




MesoFirm Serum - Scalpa Shop
MesoLipo Serum - Scalpa Shop
MesoYouth Serum - Scalpa Shop
MesoMama Serum - Scalpa Shop
MesoBright Serum - Scalpa Shop
MesoBlemish Serum - Scalpa Shop
MesoScalp Serum - Scalpa Shop
MesoCapil Serum - Scalpa Shop
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Numb - Pre Procedure - Scalpa Shop




MesoTherapy through microneedling is a fairly painless procedure. In the case the client is sensitive to pain, Numb can be left on the skin for 15-20 minutes prior to treatment. This will ensure the procedure is done with minimal pain and maximum comfort. Numb should only be used prior to treatment and should not be applied once the skin has been broken.  



Mesotherapy Infusion by Microneedle Training

Advanced Training Courses

MesoLipo Mini Course - Scalpa Shop
MesoBlemish Mini Course - Scalpa Shop
MesoCapil Mini Course - Scalpa Shop


Global Directory

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