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Introduction & Client Consultation 

In our Scalpa main Hyaluron Pen Injection Course we learned all about how to perform injections using the hyaluron pen. We learned what hyaluronic acid is and its purpose in the body, how to operate the hyaluron pen, fill ampoules, injection amounts, and injection areas. In this advanced hyaluron pen course we will go beyond the basics of hyaluron pen injections and explore other injection sites of the face. We will learn how to properly enhance the nose, the chin, and the cheeks. The main hyaluron pen course shows injection amounts but does not go in-depth with procedural videos covering the different regions of the face as this is a more advanced technique. 

 Injections on the face are usually done to enhance or correct facial features. With hyaluronic acid filler you can enhance the areas of the face such as cheeks, cheek bones, a flat chin, the shape of the nose and more. When it comes to performing chin, cheeks and nose enhancements using the hyaluron pen, we turn to ScalpaJect Plus for building the areas out. We suggest using 0.01-0.02 injections at a time not only to help push the product through, but also to build these areas out slowly. 

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Chin Enhancement

With chin injections the amount you use will all depend on what you are trying to achieve. Typically you can use 1ml-2ml depending on how much we want to build out. This area (like the lips) moves a lot and case studies show that hyaluronic acid products tend to break down rather quickly in this area, therefore many sessions may be required to obtain desired fullness as well as longevity. Make sure to check both front facing appearance as well as side profile throughout your procedure. 

Cheek Enhancement

There are a few reasons patients seek out cheek enhancements: 
-To increase size of cheek bones creating more definition (inject over the upper cheekbone) 
-To provide more lifting to mid cheek area (inject over upper and mid cheekbone) 
-To fill in sunken lower cheek area (inject below the cheekbone directly into sunken area)

Your first step is to determine what your objective is. That will determine where you inject. Some injections may call to inject directly over the upper part of the cheek bone, injecting directly over the mid cheek bone, or injecting directly under the cheek bone. In either case, these types of injections can dramatically alter the appearance of a person and there are cases where people feel the change of appearance is too noticeable. For this reason we suggest you never inject more than 3ml on each cheek in one session. Allow for expansion for a period of two weeks before injecting again. 

Nose Enhancement

With the nose we need to be careful when injecting on or near the bridge as this area is very sensitive and the pressure from the pen can be painful. If you are wanting to enhance the bridge make sure to try to pull the skin tissue to one side (if possible) so you’re not injecting directly on top of the bone. 

Allow for expansion before injecting too much. Remember in nose injections, a little goes a long way. Always check each perspective from front facing appearance as well as side profile. 

Before & After Photos

Health & Safety guidelines


It is recommended that when working on any paying patron that you be fully insured for the procedures you are performing. Please check with your state for all important information pertaining to licensing and insurance. Scalpa Academy is an International Company training both licensed and non-licensed individuals, anywhere from home use to nurses. Because of the large variance in the students we educate, and the fact that laws and governing boards vary from country to country, state to state, and city to city, it is the sole responsibility of the student to research their governing boards and laws within their state and country if you are planning to perform any of the procedures we offer as a business. 

Precaution & Protocols

We at the Scalpa Training Academy encourage all students to take extra precaution when performing any procedure where bloodborne pathogens and infection may be present. 

In the United States, the government agency responsible for worker safety is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration otherwise known as OSHA. 

We highly recommend to all students to complete a Bloodborne Pathogen Training Course to meet and satisfy the training requirement under the federal OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens standard which prescribes safeguards to protect workers against the health hazards from exposure to blood and other potentially infectious materials and to reduce their risk from this exposure. Example health hazards include but are not limited to Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, Malaria, Brucellosis, Syphilis, West Nile Virus, etc. 

Scalpa also suggests becoming certified in Infection Control and Prevention. One of the most common places for infections to occur is healthcare systems and they are also very prevalent within many aesthetic facilities. Infections can live in the area, on materials, in your business, on your self and workers, and on the client, it is important to know how to control and prevent such infections from spreading. 

Scalpa recommends you receive Blood Borne Pathogen & Infection Control Course Certification offered by Aesthetics Accreditation International. These courses are often required by medical boards to peform this procedure. Click the link below for more information. 


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**BBP certification is valid for 1 year and MUST be renewed to be valid.

**Infection Control and Prevention certification is valid for 2 years and MUST be renewed to be valid. 

Any procedure where there is the possibility to blood exposure and/or infection, you want to take every precaution available to you for both the client and your own safety. 

Who Needs to Comply with OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens? Anyone who could be "reasonably anticipated" to exposure to blood or OPIM (other potentially infectious materials) as a result of performing their job duties need to comply with OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens. 

This includes: 

 Healthcare Workers 

• Emergency Responders 

• School and Day Care Staff 

 Cleaning and Janitorial Staff 

 Tattoo and Permanent Makeup Artists 

 Cosmetologists & Aestheticians 

Scalpa Academy also encourages professional interaction with clients from the beginning to the end of their interaction with you as a practitioner. This includes but is not limited to:

• Proper Consultation 

• Intake Forms 

• Client/Patient Files 

• Procedure Table Set Up 

• Patient/Client Follow Up 

Other Suggested Courses For Health & Safety:

Take extra measures in your practice by learning proper health and safety precautions that may be necessary within your practice. Aesthetics Accreditation International offers a variety of medical courses to keep both you and your client safe.  *These are not a requirement but a mere suggestion. 


Scalpa requires a passing score of 80% and must be passed before receiving a certification. You are welcome to use the course and your notes for help. You can take this test as much as needed to pass. Your results will be emailed to you upon submission. 

Disclaimer of Medical and Legal Liability: Scalpa training courses are intended to provide the general knowledge to perform procedures but is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Reliance on the information in this training course for procedural purposes is to be used at your own risk. If you have questions or concerns, contact a medical professional prior to treatment. Scalpa is not held responsible or liable for risks involved with this procedure. 


Scalpa strongly advises each member or student to research their local legislation. It is your sole responsibility to check and clarify all rules and regulations pertaining to your country, state, city and county if you are planning on performing our training program procedures as a professional. Because Scalpa is offered worldwide, we cannot guarantee this information. Please check with your local health department, governing boards and FDA regulations regarding performance of any Scalpa course procedure. Scalpa is not held responsible or liable for legal encounters regarding licensing, regulations, or other legal aspects pertaining to procedural operation.