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Going through training and becoming certified is the easy part, it is offering your new service, 

marketing, and continuing to grow that can be challenging. Scalpa is here to help you get out

there and properly market yourself so you are able to attract potential clients and make success.

We offer many ways of marketing support that we willprovid you with below such as marketing

assets, how to utilize your accreditations, community outlets, a global directory, expanding

your horizons, gaining profit andcontinuing support from the Scalpa Team. This is an exciting 

new chapter in your life and we want to be there with you every step of the way. It is time to

get out there and kill it in this 50-billion-dollar industry!

If you are viewing this page, you have most likely received your new certificate and badge. It is time to print off your honorary certificate and hang it up for all to see. This is a proud moment. You also have received your specialized badge. This is an image that contains your unique badge number, the Scalpa logo and your accreditation(s). This is a transparent image that you are now able to use as your watermark on all of your work. This is a great way to accredit yourself inyour work and it is also your mark so when others use your images, they know who created the amazing results. This is your mark, put it on everything! When you become certified in multiple procedures, these will be added to your watermark as well so you are able to show off all of your skills. This video will show you how you can use your watermark.

Along with your new watermark, Scalpa has marketing images for you to get started. The biggest note to take when

marketing your business is promotion. You don't need to pay for expensive advertisements to begin promoting your

business. Utilize all social media platforms to share your work, your services, about yourself, and everything you can

to catch the eye of the consumer. In general, you should post at least 3-4 times per week. The best time to post is

10am-12pm on Wednesdays. The least engagement is on Sundays and every day from 6pm-4am. For Facebook, 

the best time to post is between 11am-3pm and again at 8pm. Their highest peak is reported to be 3pm. 

On Instagram, Tuesday at 1pm and Tuesday- Friday 9am-4pm is their biggest time for engagement.Anything with

a trademark or watermark from Scalpa marketing is available for your own use. Many of these arelocated at the 

end of the training but we have also provided a folder with our marketing images below. These areclean-cut images

that will show a great level of professionalism when someone views your page. Take before and after photos of every

client. This is great for posting as well as for building a portfolio for potential and future customers.

Now that you have your certificate and special watermark, it is time to start listing your

 services for potential clients to find you. Once certified, Scalpa lists all students general 

information on the Global Directory. This includes name, certification, zip code and country. 

To list additional information such as company name, email, phone number, website, full address

 and bio, upgrade to become a Scalpa Premium Member. This is a flat-rate low monthly cost of $19.99/mo. 

Start marketing your business and attract potential clients! 

Why stop there when you can make even more money? In this industry, it is all about results. When you

produce good results, you will begin to see people asking where you buy from or where you trained.

You could simply tell them Scalpa and send them to us or you could provide them with a link in which

they then are directed to our site to purchase. Every purchase made through that link will be a profit

you will have made. Even better, from then forward, whether they purchase through the link or not, 

they will be linked to your affiliate account and you will make a profit on all of their purchases. 

You can also direct people to train with us and make a profit off of our training programs, some

of which are up to $2,000. This is an awesome way to bring in extra money without having to do a thing.

Now that you’re a pro, you may feel inspired to train others. Scalpa has all of the materials

 for you to do so for a low cost! We have made it so easy to train others because we see the

 importance in easy, efficient learning in this industry. When you train others using our

 materials, you can send them off with your affiliate link so they can purchase future

 materials through us and you make a profit. This is a hassle-free system, you don’t

 have to worry about gathering materials, finding all the products needed,

  or breaking the bank. This is an opportunity for success!

Join Scalpa's community groups. Bryce Cleveland, founder and CEO, always says,

"it's who you know." These groups are here not only to serve as a question forum but for

you to connect with others in the same industry, to learn and grow from them. You can

find others who are succeeding in this industry, chat with them, and learn from them. 

We have a Facebook and Telegram community group in which you are able to join. 

Scalpa also offers an engagement group on Telegram. This is a great way to build your

social media presence with others in the industry. Share your social media and grow your

engagement. Join all three below.


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