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Module 6

                  Needle Size


  1. Start with clean skin and gently go over the desired area with an alcohol wipe to remove any contaminants. 
  2.  Apply numbing. Wait 30-45 minutes 
  3. After removing the numbing map out the desired freckles with either a skin safe marker or pencil. Remember to draw your freckles on relaxed skin. 
  4.  After choosing the desired shade begin implanting the ink. The skin around the nose will not stretch so to keep blow outs from happening, keep your needle depth quite shallow. Less is more. 
  5.  Stay clear of the eye area. 
  6.  Keep the skin taught but not overly tight. Keeping a very tight stretch may give you a very dense result when you release the stretch. 
  7.  Wipe away from the eyes and when possible keep the tattooed area moist with Rehab to prevent flaking of the skin. 
  8.  Once you are finished make sure you take lots of photos. 
  9. Clean the clients skin properly and send them off with the appropriate aftercare. Happy Freckling!



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