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What is SMP?

Scalp Micropigmentation is the process of having one’s scalp tattooed with tiny dots the size of a hair follicle to resemble the appearance of stubble, or a short “shaved look." There is no invasive surgery process, no scarring, and no down time, making Scalp Micropigmentation an immediate solution to hair loss. To become a world-premier Scalp Micropigmentation technician, it is important to learn how to use the Scalpa Machine and how to properly blend the scalp aesthetic pigment tones to meet the needs of each and every individual client.



Bryce SMP Needle (20 pack)
Scalpa Brow Pencil
Safety Face Mask
LineSure PMU Line Hold Serum



The Scalpa Machine is designed to deliver high-quality Ombré, SMP, and PMU procedures. The Scalpa Pen has a stroke length of 4.2mm. This longer stroke enables the technician to deposit more ink into the skin while still only penetrating the outer layer of the skin. This technique results in a natural appearance resembling hair with results that are long lasting. Make each procedure run smoothly while receiving the best results with the Scalpa Machine! The Scalpa Machine is designed for comfort and is less likely to cause hand shaking or cramping that is often associated during long duration procedures.



SMP Pigment


Our Original SMP Ink

  • Trusted and used by over half of the SMP industry.

  • Used in over 80,000 procedures worldwide.

  • No color additives.

  • Easy to mix ink that will blend to match any hair color.

  • Specifically made for scalp micropigmentation to match exact hair follicle color.

  • Charcoal based ink.

  • True to color, will not shift hues over time.

  • Ink mixing chart on bottle.



SMP Numbing 

Numb and Gone are two products to use in the numbing process. Numb is a pre numbing solution that you will leave on the clients brows for 15 to 20 minutes prior to treatment. This is done to ensure your sensitive skin patients or sensitive to pain patients will feel very little pain throughout the procedure. Numb should not be used after the skin has been opened or broken. Gone will be your during procedure numbing solution. Many artists do a light pre-pass to break the skin before adding Gone. Once a generous amount of Gone has been placed under the broken skin, you will then resume the procedure to ensure the pigment is implanted deeper. This will allow the procedure to last longer, reduces pain and reduces redness and bleeding.





Rehab AfterCare
Permanent Eyeliner Training Course
Synthetic Practice Eyeliner Skin



Rehab AfterCare - Scalpa Shop



SMP Interactive Online Training Course - Scalpa Shop
Practice Synthetic Skin - Scalpa Shop


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