Final Exam Instructions

Please submit the following materials to receive your certification

1. A photo of your table set up for procedure

2. Submission of (2) before and after treatments; one model using both contour and highlighting technique. These photos will be used on our social media sites showing student work, so please make them very clean photos, with similar lighting, angles, etc. 

3. (Optional) If you choose to do microdermabrasion, cocktail masking, LED Light Therapy, we would love to see work with those as well!  

4. Submit a copy of your BBP and Infection Control and Prevention certificates.

5. Once your work has been approved, your Educator will email you a final exam. This exam must be completed and you must score an 80% or higher in order to receive certification. You can take this exam as much as needed in order to pass and you can use the course for guidance. To retake the exam, simply return to the approval email she sent you and re-click the exam link to take it again.  


Upon becoming certified, Scalpa lists all students on a Global Directory with basic information, including name, procedure certified in, and zip code. You do not have to fill this out if you do not want to be added. 

 To list full business information including contact information, business address, website, company name, and bio, upgrade to become a Premium Member!

Social Media Insight 

Now that you are fully trained and certified to perform Scalpa Shine Treatments, either for yourself or as a professional, we at Scalpa wanted to share with you some insight on promoting your work and business on social media‚Ķ 

 In general: You should post at least 3-4 times per week. The best time to post is 10am-12pm on Wednesdays. The least engagement is on Sundays and every day from 6pm-4am. 

 Facebook: Reports spike at 11am-3pm and again at 8pm. Their highest peak is reported to be 3pm. 

 Instagram: Reports Tuesday at 1pm and Tuesday- Friday 9am-4pm as their peak time. 


Use these images below to promote your new skill on your own social media accounts!