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What Is Scalpa Lift?

Scalpa Lift helps to strengthen muscles and reduce the appearance of cellulite and dimpling in areas such as the thighs and buttocks. It can also provides the appearance of a visible lifting effect to enhance areas such as the buttocks or the breasts. This is done through suctioning of cups, also known as cupping therapy. With multiple sessions, this can help with the skins natural elasticity and improve the overall appearance of the area. This is a great cosmetic procedure to add onto your services and offer a unique lifting and tightening effect for different areas of the body. 

Hot Cream
Slimming Oil
Safety Face Mask

Body Cupping Therapy

Scalpa Global Directory

Become apart of the global directory for the world's largest permanent enhancement company's website. Show the world you use the best best products by adding all of your business listing information to the Scalpa service locator. 

It is a low monthly cost for this amazing marketing tool. Whether you want to offer one service or ten, the affordable cost remains the same. 

This feature allows you to add your location, all of your services, phone number, website, email, hours of operation, certifications, bio, name and whatever else you'd like to include so people are able to easily get in contact with you for inquiries and appointments. 

 Flat-rate monthly fee.

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