Empowerment is the single best thing you can do for another human being. This is where we have reached a point of mastery that we can share our knowledge and really make an impact beyond our wildest imagination. Creating videos and media to help to the next person in their trials and tribulations. Taking absolute deliberate action to teach and mentor the community. Being a leader and even more importantly being there for another artist as a conduit to their success. This is the single key to absolute success and abundance in your business. This is where you find real magic happening daily in your life. The random calls for procedure, artists who want to work under you, requests for speaking engagements and more. You are opening the door and showing the universe you want more and are willing to give more for it.  

Create Training Videos

Train other with Scalpa's Training Kits. 

Get out there and help others too.

Become A Leader

Continue to share your knowledge with the community and help others grow. You will learn from them and gain celebrity.

Absorbe Abundance

This is the step where the magic and the rewards really start coming in. Abundance rushes back to you because you have helped so many people.