The Artistic Rebellion

At this stage you will have so much knowledge that you will be able to choose what skills and practices you do and don't like. You rebel into your own style.

New Found Freedom

You have so much knowledge that you feel free in your art. You can analyze your entire workspace, know what tools you need, and create flawless art.

Talent At Your Fingertips

You have completed many successful procedures and know how to use your tools so that they only become an extension of you.


Artistic expression is when you become a real artist and you take your knowledge and make it your own. What we’ve built is a community of learning for you to create your own and then, in turn, bring it back to the community, stated in law six. What is the difference between someone who paints walls and an artist? The repetition of painting a wall is following a rule of a more singular piece of knowledge gained. A Scalpa Artist attaches themselves to multiple mentors then makes their own art. We take pride in creating artists and this is where you come into your own. I feel it’s a rebellious stage in your career and path, picking apart what you were taught and creating your own magic. At Scalpa we relish in this and promote this piece of you that has come out. Don’t shy away from it, revel in the rebel and become your own genius from what you’ve been taught. 


- Jeann McSwain | @purebeautybyjean