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As technology advances, it is rapidly taking over the way we learn and conduct business. Scalpa found a way to effectively train others in the aesthetic industry through innovating online learning and creating an intuitive training platform. 

We offer the largest platform in the aesthetic industry for online training courses, each equipped with lifetime access, ongoing support, and training materials. Our intuitive design has helped thousands of individuals around the world tap into the 50-billion-dollar industry of aesthetics. 

Each course is designed and priced so that you are able to make your money back in just 2-3 procedures. The mission for Scalpa is to offer an amazing opportunity in this industry through our trade system. 

This is what sets Scalpa apart from other training programs and even colleges and institutes. Most schooling systems only offer education and do not provide you with the tools for success once you have learned. Scalpa provides you with all the outlets you need to get started, get help along the way, and ultimately succeed. We will never just train you and put you out on your own without full confidence in yourself first. 

With over 60 different training programs, there is a path and opportunity for all fields within this industry. If you are unsure about where to start, take our quiz below for suggestions or checkout our best sellers. We even offer FREE training in some of our courses to get you started!



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