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Scalpa Inks are brought to you by Scalp Aesthetics™, the world’s largest scalp micropigmentation company. Scalpa Inks are used in more than 150 clinics worldwide, and have been used to treat more than 20,000 clients. Scalpa Inks are the best and most recognized inks in the scalp micropigmentation industry.


Are you wanting to offer the scalp micropigmentation procedure, either as an additional service or as a main business or currently offering a scalp micropigmentation service and want to enhance your results? 

 Then you need the Scalpa Kit.

Scalpa Inks:

  • Developed and manufactured by parent company Scalp Aesthetics

  • NO constituent colors, so our inks will NEVER discolor

  • Almost zero ink migration, for perfectly sized follicle replications

  • Organic carbon-based pigment. 100% safe for all scalp applications

  • High retention, reduced fading and fewer sessions required

  • The only ink with a matte anti-shine effect

Scalpa Needles:

  • Developed and manufactured by parent company Scalp Aesthetics

  • Irregular shaped to match the hair follicle

  • 75% smaller than commercially available needles

  • Provides realistic follicle replication

  • Needle and cartridge are sterilized and blister-packed.


World-class results are only possible with the top of the line products. Even the very best technician cannot produce proper results if they’re using the wrong products. Many permanent makeup artists, hair transplant doctors, and entrepreneurs around the world have tried to ‘crack’ the formula, and all have failed, often with catastrophic consequences.Scalpa Products vision is to make scalp micropigmentation, a life-changing procedure, available to the world while unlocking an amazing business opportunity for any individual to capitalize on a growing industry and become financially successful. 

This result is photographed immediately after the client's first treatment session. The client will require one more session to complete the procedure.

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