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Scalpa pigments are specially formulated to minimize touch-ups and leave clients with beautiful, long-lasting brows. These pigments are the best microblading pigments in the game to perfectly match your clients brows. 

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        Eyeliner Pigment Set

        SCALPA Pigments are the most comprehensive line of high-quality pigments available today.  Enjoy each of our great eyeliner pigments with this exclusive set. This set includes: Galaxy - Our darkest pigment,...

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        Interstellar Pigment Set (Louie Collection)

        Interstellar Pigment Set - Previously "Louie Pigment Set" Provide your clients with the best results with our Interstellar Brow Pigment Collection. With great mixing ability, you are guaranteed to match almost every...

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        Lunar Lip Pigment Set

        SAME PIGMENT, NEW LOOK! Create an array of different lip pigmentations with our full collection. Enjoy seven different colors and the great results shown with each satisfied client.  SCALPA Pigments are...

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