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Scalpa has come out with new hot products and online training courses. Scalpa's products are made with high quality ingredients, giving you the best bang for your buck. Have you thought about taking a new training? Check out Scalpa's Shop to find trainings that are perfect for you and your business.

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        pH Stabilizer

        Scalpa’s pH Stabilizer is specially formulated to use for most cosmetic procedures as a gentle cleaning agent, mixing agent, and to pH balance to the skin tissue. Clean, refreshing stabilization...

        Body Cupping Therapy

        Cupping Therapy Machines are not just designed for full body and facial cupping. Many machines on the market actually feature extra large suction controlled cups that can be used to provide a lifting-effect...

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        Tooth Gem Training

        These small accessories attach to your front teeth giving them more glamorous attention. Essentially, they’re small jewels glued to front teeth and function as an accent for your smile. Tooth gems are usually only...

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        Henna Brows Training Course

        The Scalpa Henna Brow Course is designed to teach you one of the most sought after brow procedures being offered in the aesthetic industry. In our online course we will cover...

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        Microblading Training Kit

        This Microblading Training Kit is specifically designed for individuals going through the SCALPA Interactive Microblading Training Course. This includes everything you need to get started as a microblading professional.  Important: Microblading certification is...

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