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Create beautiful brows through microblading or ombre technique with the Scalpa Brow Collection. Our wide variety of pigments are guaranteed perfection with every procedure.

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        Saturn Pigment (Louie 13)

        SATURN - Previously Known As "LOUIE 13" A tone darker than Neptune, Saturn is a rich brown pigment, also warm and red-based. This is an excellent addition to another pigment, such...

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        Jupiter Pigment (Louie 11)

        JUPITER - Previously Known As "LOUIE 11" Used for Brow, Areola and Paramedical Permanent Makeup. This is a light brown pigment with a heavy olive tone base, a cold color. Jupiter...

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        Neptune Pigment (Louie 12)

        NEPTUNE - Previously Known As "LOUIE 12" This red-based pigment results in a warm, light-medium brown tint. It is a perfect mid-tone color to deliver the lasting lush richness of...

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        Earth Pigment (African King)

        EARTH- Previously Known As "AFRICAN KING" Used for brows, areola and paramedical permanent makeup. A shade away from black, Earth is the darkest brown in the SCALPA Collection. This is perfect...

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        Sun Pigment (24 Karat)

        Sun - Previously Know As "24 Karat"  Used for Brow, Areola and Paramedical. The lightest  pigment in the SCALPA color collection, Sun is a well-balanced honey-blonde. This yellow-based pigment is suited...

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        Pluto Pigment (Platinum)

        PLUTO - Previously Known As "PLATINUM" This smoky-brown pigment results in a beautiful brown-grey tone after healing. Pluto is perfect for clients who have silvery toned hair who desire a cooler...

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        Interstellar Pigment Set (Louie Collection)

        Interstellar Pigment Set - Previously "Louie Pigment Set" Provide your clients with the best results with our Interstellar Brow Pigment Collection. With great mixing ability, you are guaranteed to match almost every...

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