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Scalpa Numb - Pre Procedure (PRE-SALE!) - Scalpa Shop
Scalpa Numb - Pre ProcedureScalpa Numb - Pre ProcedureScalpa Numb - Pre Procedure

"SMP procedures may be painful, mostly on headline and temples areas. The SCALPA NUMB cream is a real and durable reliever for my clients."

 - Colette L., Scalpa Loyal Customer

  • Best numbing relief cream in the market.

  • Made in the USA.

  • Patented formulation.

  • Child-proof packaging.


What IS scalpa numb?

Numb is the best numbing relief cream on the market, custom made by SCALPA. This is specifically for numbing prior to procedure and will help relieve pain during PMU, SMP, Microchanneling, Fibroblast, Tattooing, and more. Using Numb prior to treatment will ensure your clients feel minimal discomfort and are comfortable throughout the procedure. 

Compared to the other brands, this product does not compare. Once your client uses our pre-pain relief solution, you'll know the difference.

How Does Scalpa numb work?

The Scalpa Numb can help:

  • Lessen pain and discomfort during a procedure.

  • Numb the part where cream is applied.

  • Block the signals of pain sent by nerve receptors of the skin.

  • Make the tattooing session painless.

  • Make client feel more comfortable during the procedure. 


Transdermal Delivery System 

Scalpa Numb contains a patented transdermal (through the skin) delivery system. Our patented formulations are designed to speed up the onset of numbing by improving penetration. In addition to increasing efficacy, our formulations are designed to improve safety by reducing unwanted systemic absorption.

Our powerful transdermal delivery system is why Scalpa Numb has become widely recognized as the most effective over-the-counter topical numbing cream on the market today. 



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