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As the aesthetic industry continues to evolve, opportunities are created for home-based businesses to now offer similar, if not the same, procedures as top notch spas and salons. Shop Scalpa's training courses now!

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        Aromatherapy Training Course

        This course is designed to introduce you to Aromatherapy and the wonderful, magical healing properties of plants, flowers, trees, and seeds.  Learn the science of Aromatherapy and how using essential...

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        Body Contouring Mini Course Bundle

        Body Contouring Bundle Our Body contouring bundle is a collection of non-surgical cosmetic treatments most used in the aesthetics industry.  Many aesthetic practitioners have built lucrative careers just specializing in...

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        Skin Lightening Theory Course

        In this course we will discuss the many options available to address skin lightening and brightening; this includes products and procedures. This is strictly a theory based course derived from...

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        Bio-Microcurrent Facial Therapy Training

        What is a microcurrent facial?  Unlike devices and procedures used to attack fat cells, microcurrent therapy increases muscle tone and circulation. This beauty treatment uses electricity to promote cell growth...

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        HIFU Therapy Training Course

        HIFU...High Intensity Focused Ultrasound In this course we are working with HIFU as a noninvasive aesthetic procedure. HIFU can be used for both facial treatments and body contouring. A HIFU procedure uses...

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        PMU Lip Training Kit FB

        Explanation of Options:  Scalpa PMU Lip certification is only granted with purchase of this training kit. This kit can be purchased with or without machine. Either option will come with...

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        Skincare Ingredients Specialist Training Course

        This is a free education course being offered with the purchase of our Skincare Ingredients Specialist product kit. In this course you will learn all about the most popular and used skincare...

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        Training Product: Permanent Eyeliner Training Kit

        FOR TRAINERS This kit is required for all trainers to purchase in order for your students to become certified through us at Scalpa.  Permanent eyeliner is great for those wanting...

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        Training Product: Mesotherapy Infusion by Microneedling Training Kit

        FOR TRAINERS NOTE: TRAINERS KITS DO NOT INCLUDE ACCESS TO ONLINE TRAINING  Explanation of Options: Training & Kit (Without Microneedling Pen): This option includes the online training course and the training...

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        Building Crypto - Online Training Course

        Building Crypto is an in-depth online training course that will help teach you how to invest in cryptocurrency.  We will show you the ropes in finding crypto coins to invest...

        Training Product: Scalpa Saline PMU Removal Kit

        FOR TRAINERS This kit is required for all trainers to purchase in order for your students to become certified through us at Scalpa.  The Scalpa PMU Removal System is the...

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