Derma Lip Blush vs. PMU Lips

Derma lip blush vs pmu lips

What is Derma Lip Blush? 

Derma Lip Blush also known as "Lip Blushing" is a technique that offers more natural looking lips by simply bringing lost pigment back to the lips with the derma microneedle pen. This procedure can be marketed to a larger audience for its affordable price point, being less painful by using the punch method or pigment infusion, quick healing and quick appointment time. This is the perfect service for women who have lost that natural pinkish hue to their lips and for those with very thin skin lips that carry an unwanted grayish/bluish tone. Now we can offer them the perfect solution to add back that lost pinkish/peach undertone.

With microneedle lip blush you are able to add a touch of color to the body of the lips using a 36 needle cartridge. This allows for less stress to the lips as well as less trauma. With 30 minute numbing time, 3-6 passes of lip pigment infusion, you are able to add lost color back to lips in a matter of just 60-90 minutes. Lip Blush typically runs anywhere from $100-$500 depending on your area. Four week touchups can be slightly lower at $75-$100 .

The reason this procedure is more affordable and less than PMU lip procedure is because it appeals to more individuals since it is less painful, more natural looking, and healing is a walk in the park. It’s simply adding lost pigment back into the lips.

What is PMU Lips?  

With correct technique and application, permanent makeup for lips is able to correct asymmetries, define lip outline, reduce or enlarge lips slightly and overall give a more attractive appearance.  PMU Lips can absolutely change the appearance of your lips and generally last anywhere from 1 to 3 years depending on sun exposure and how the patient takes care of their lips. 

PMU lips can take from 2-2.5 hours to accomplish with a 6 week touch up taking around 1.5 hours. Numbing is necessary as this procedure is very painful, numbing takes about 20-30 minutes. Touch ups can be done after 21 days, however its best to wait 30-45 days. 

The cost is also a lot higher, around between $500-$1,500 with touchups costing a little less than the initial procedure. 

Permanent Makeup is Permanent: The pigment particle remains under the skin but may fade over time. Some pigments are translucent and need to be layered to achieve the desired color.

Full lips: Normally takes 1 to 3 sessions.

  • 1st session - may lose 60-70%
  • 2nd session - retains much more color, loosing about 40-50%.
  • 3rd session - if necessary, will retain even more , loosing about 20-30%.



Lip blushing such as Derma Microneedle and PMU can appear similar because they both add color to the lips. To see how colored lips would look on you, Derma Lip Blush is the way to go because it only lasts about a month as opposed to PMU Lips which lasts for years and is not something you can easily remove. Obviously, there is a price difference; however, you must consider the long-term implications of your decision. Do you simply want colored lips, or do you desire fuller lips with asymmetrical contours as well as color that lasts for years? 

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