Permanent Makeup

Scalpa offers a variety of intuitive online training courses and supplies for permanent makeup procedures. Learn microblading, ombre, PMU lip, PMU eyeliner, SMP, and PMU removal and pair your knowledge with top-quality permanent makeup supplies!

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        Lunar Lip Pigment Set

        SAME PIGMENT, NEW LOOK! Create an array of different lip pigmentations with our full collection. Enjoy seven different colors and the great results shown with each satisfied client.  SCALPA Pigments are...

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        Scalpa PMU Machine

        The Scalpa Pen is designed to deliver high-quality scalp micropigmentation procedures as its primary function. The Scalpa Pen has a stroke length of 4.2mm. This longer stroke enables the technician to deposit...

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        Interstellar Pigment Set (Louie Collection)

        Interstellar Pigment Set - Previously "Louie Pigment Set" Provide your clients with the best results with our Interstellar Brow Pigment Collection. With great mixing ability, you are guaranteed to match almost every...

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        Pluto Brow Pigment (Platinum)

        PLUTO - Previously Known As "PLATINUM" This smoky-brown pigment results in a beautiful brown-grey tone after healing. Pluto is perfect for clients who have silvery toned hair who desire a cooler...

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        ScalpaMap - Pre-Inked Brow Mapping Thread

        ScalpaMap - Mapping Made Easy! Mapping brows can be time consuming and difficult to get perfectly straight lines with a standard brow pencil. ScalpaMap is a saturated pre-inked thread to allow less...

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        Scalpa Patch (20 Pack)

        Scalpa Patch is a sterile and waterproof adhesive micro pigmentation and fibroblast dressing, with high efficiency on bacteria barrier. It is intended to be used after micropigmentation and before fibroblast treatments.  For...

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        Galaxy Eyeliner Pigment (Blackout)

        Galaxy (formerly known as Blackout) is the darkest pigment in our collection. Being a high concentrated black, it is guaranteed no color changing. The background color is a true bright black,...

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        Practice Synthetic Skin

        This synthetic skin pack is used in training and practice for the SMP procedure but can be used for PMU removal, Microblading, and Ombre.  Options: Single Blank Sheet (1) Pack of...

        Ultimate PMU Package

        What Is The Ultimate PMU Package? This is a package deal designed to train for all of PMU courses including: Microblading, Ombré Brows, PMU Lip, PMU Eyeliner, SMP, and PMU...

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