Permanent Makeup

Scalpa offers a variety of intuitive online training courses and supplies for permanent makeup procedures. Learn microblading, ombre, PMU lip, PMU eyeliner, SMP, and PMU removal and pair your knowledge with top-quality permanent makeup supplies!

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        SMP Interactive Online Training Course

        Scalpa Academy is headed by world premiere artists of scalp micro pigmentation in the permanent makeup training space. We will provide you with scalp micro pigmentation permanent makeup training, introducing...

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        #18U Eyebrow Microblade

        18U comes individually packaged with (1) blade. This blade offers great retention and depth while still allowing room for rotation as it is designed to bow outward. This is a perfect match...

        Bryce SMP Needle (20 pack)

        This needle is custom made to create SMP procedures that has amazing retention. There is no other needle on the market like the Bryce needle. Completely custom made by founder and...

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        Sun Brow Pigment (24 Karat)

        Sun - Previously Know As "24 Karat"  The lightest brow pigment in the SCALPA color collection, Sun is a well-balanced honey-blonde. This yellow-based pigment is suited for clients with light skin...

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        Scalpa Salt & Saline PMU Removal

        The Scalpa Salt & Saline PMU Removal System is the most effective approach to lightening permanent makeup and tattoos. Although it is a slower process than other treatments, this method...

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        Scalpa Saline PMU Removal Kit & Training Course

        Explanation of Options: A Scalpa PMU Machine is recommended, but not required in order to receive certification for this course. Certification will be granted at the completion of your training. The Scalpa PMU...

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