The industry for microblading permanent makeup is growing at a rapid rate and Scalpa is offering an interactive training course for free! Our course goes in-depth about the cosmetic procedure of using fine, short strokes resembling hair to achieve the perfect shape, fullness and appearance to meet each individual. 

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        Free Microblading Training Course

        Important: Free training does not include certification. Certification is only included with the purchase of our Microblading training kit. The industry for microblading permanent makeup is growing at a rapid rate and...

        Microblading Training Kit

        This Microblading Training Kit is specifically designed for individuals going through the SCALPA Interactive Microblading Training Course. This includes everything you need to get started as a microblading professional.  Important: Microblading certification is...

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        Rehab AfterCare

        The Scalpa Rehab balm is the perfect aftercare solution for permanent makeup procedures. Protect the area while soothing any irritation and ensure your client leaves feeling comfortable and confident.

        Advanced Ombre/Shading Brow Training Kit

        Ombre and Shading Brow certification is only granted with purchase of this training kit. This kit can be purchased with or without machine. Either option will come with certification at...

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        #18U Eyebrow Microblade

        18U comes individually packaged with (1) blade. This blade offers great retention and depth while still allowing room for rotation as it is designed to bow outward. This is a perfect match...