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        Microblading Training Kit

        This Microblading Training Kit is specifically designed for individuals going through the SCALPA Interactive Microblading Training Course. This includes everything you need to get started as a microblading professional.  Important: Microblading certification is...

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        MesoLipo Serum

        Scalpa Meso Serums:  Our Scalpa Topical Meso Serums are created with the most innovative ingredients, such as: plant stem cells, peptides, liposomes, algae, herbal extracts, minerals and vitamins - everything...

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        Permanent Makeup Shading Needles

        These pmu needles are specifically used for creating density into: ombre eyebrows, filling in brows and Scalpa Lips. Instead of our revolutionary Scalpa Master and Professional needle utilizing a 1...

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        Rehab AfterCare

        The Scalpa Rehab balm is the perfect aftercare solution for permanent makeup procedures. Protect the area while soothing any irritation and ensure your client leaves feeling comfortable and confident.

        SMP Interactive Online Training Course

        Explanation of Options: A training kit is recommended, but not required in order to receive certification for this course. Certification will be granted at the completion of your training. Scalpa Academy is headed by...

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        Advanced Ombre/Shading Brow Training Kit

        Ombre and Shading Brow certification is only granted with purchase of this training kit. This kit can be purchased with or without machine. Either option will come with certification at...

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        Advanced Fibroblast Mini Course - Patterns

        Advanced Fibroblast Mini Course on Patterns:   This course is for those who have already taken our Fibroblast Training Course or another fibroblast training and are looking to further their education...

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        Interstellar Pigment Set (Louie Collection)

        Interstellar Pigment Set - Previously "Louie Pigment Set" Provide your clients with the best results with our Interstellar Brow Pigment Collection. With great mixing ability, you are guaranteed to match almost every...

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        Full Lip Pigment Collection (All 14)

        FULL LIP PIGMENT COLLECTION (LUNAR & SOLAR) Create an array of different lip pigmentations with our full Lip Pigment Collection. Enjoy all 14 of our different pigment colors and the great results shown with each...

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