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Scalpa offers a variety of cosmetic courses to learn from and expand your services. Learn henna brows, lash and brow lamination, and even tooth gems! We also offer high-quality supplies to pair with your cosmetic courses.

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        Tooth Gem Training

        These small accessories attach to your front teeth giving them more glamorous attention. Essentially, they’re small jewels glued to front teeth and function as an accent for your smile. Tooth gems are usually only...

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        Henna Brows Training Course

        The Scalpa Henna Brow Course is designed to teach you one of the most sought after brow procedures being offered in the aesthetic industry. In our online course we will cover...

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        Teeth Whitening Training

        Scalpa has partnered with a top Teeth Whitening Company to offer professional-grade teeth whitening training paired with a industry leading teeth whitening kit!  This $1,799 (Special price offered just to Scalpa...

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        Threading Hair Removal Training Course

        How does threading work?  Specifically, the eyebrow treatment involves pulling a cotton thread along unwanted hair in a twisting motion, trapping hair in a mini lasso, and lifting it up...

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        Oxygen Infusion Therapy Training Kit

        Explanation of Options: A practice kit is recommended, but not required in order to receive certification for this course. Certification will be granted at the completion of your training. Oxygen Infusion Therapy is considered...

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        Waxing Specialist Training Course

        Scalpa Waxing Specialist Training Waxing is a high demand service throughout the world that provides continuous repeat business. That is why many professionals refer to hair removal services such as...

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        Lash Extensions Training Course

        Online Training Course: (Kit sold separately) Eyelash extensions were once ‘one of the fastest growing beauty services in the world.’ Today they are no longer simply a fad, but practically...

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        Holistic Skincare Nutritionist

        What is a Holistic Skincare Nutritionist?  Holistic Skincare Nutritionists educate patients and clients in the importance of diet and nutrition that encourage healthy skin. Creating lifestyle programs that consist of...

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