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The Beauty of the SCALPA BROW.

Welcoming our newest line of products and training, SCALPA Brows.
Creating flawless results drove the development of our superior microblading products.

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        Scalpa Numb - Pre Procedure

        Numb is the best numbing relief cream on the market, custom made by SCALPA. This is specifically for numbing prior to procedure and will help relieve pain during PMU, SMP, Microchanneling, Fibroblast, Tattooing,...

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        Brow Pigment Set

        SCALPA Pigments Set is our complete lineup of Microblading Pigments. Enjoy the set of 8 colors to help you achieve flawless brows on any client.

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        Permanent Makeup Liner Needles

        Includes Scalpa permanent makeup needles for lining procedures. These needles fit most grips and machines on the market and also fit the Cheyenne Machine Grips. Formerly the Pro Needle. 1003RL...

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        Permanent Makeup Shading Needles

        These PMU needles are specifically used for creating density into: Ombre eyebrows, filling in brows and Scalpa Lips. Instead of our revolutionary Scalpa Master and Professional needle utilizing a 1 needle...

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        Rehab AfterCare

        The Scalpa Rehab balm is the perfect aftercare solution for permanent makeup procedures. Protect the area while soothing any irritation and ensure your client leaves feeling comfortable and confident.

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        #18U Eyebrow Microblade

        18U comes individually packaged with (1) blade. This blade offers great retention and depth while still allowing room for rotation as it is designed to bow outward. This is a perfect match...

        Saturn Pigment (Louie 13)

        SATURN - Previously Known As "LOUIE 13" A tone darker than Neptune, Saturn is a rich brown pigment, also warm and red-based. This is an excellent addition to another pigment, such...

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        Jupiter Pigment (Louie 11)

        JUPITER - Previously Known As "LOUIE 11" Used for Brow, Areola and Paramedical Permanent Makeup. This is a light brown pigment with a heavy olive tone base, a cold color. Jupiter...

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        Neptune Pigment (Louie 12)

        NEPTUNE - Previously Known As "LOUIE 12" This red-based pigment results in a warm, light-medium brown tint. It is a perfect mid-tone color to deliver the lasting lush richness of...

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