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PMU Lip Training Kit
PMU Lip Training KitPMU Lip Training KitPMU Lip Training KitPMU Lip Training KitPMU Lip Training KitPMU Lip Training KitPMU Lip Training KitPMU Lip Training KitPMU Lip Training KitPMU Lip Training Kit

“ This training kit not only helped me practice my technique, it got me started in offering the service AND i made my money back in just two procedures"

 - Jenna R. Scalpa Certified Student

  • Includes everything needed to get started

  • Intuitive training paired with high-quality supplies

  • Certification upon completion

  • Lifetime access and unlimited support


What is PMU Lips?

PMU Lips is a form of semi-permanent makeup done to enhance and define the natural shape and color of the lips. This process uses a mechanical machine and lip pigments to create a cosmetic tattoo. The benefits include an enhanced appearance in color but can also be used to correct asymmetry and cover scars. 

There are many different techniques to explore and this course will provide you with the knowledge you’ll need to successfully perform the procedure. 

What skills will I learn?

The Scalpa PMU Lip Training is 100% FREE for you to learn. Here is what we will cover:

  • Customer acquisition

  • Consultation process

  • Managing Expectations

  • Concept of PMU Lips

  • Safety & Sanitation processes

  • Introduction to Equipment

  • Pre-Care & After-Care

  • Color Science & Pigmentation

  • Symmetry and Touch-ups

  • & more!

PMU Lip Training Kit, the easiest way to learn at your own pace

Learn online for free!

Scalpa offers PMU Lip Training completely FREE! However, if you want to advance your skills and become a certified Scalpa PMU Lip Artist, you will need to purchase the training kit above.

With your special training kit, you will also receive full access to our online educator for assistance and support along the way. This ensures that you are not only getting the support you need but also that you are confident in your new service. 

Not ready to commit yet? Check out the training for FREE first!


 PMU Lip Training Kit, learn from the best trainers in the industry

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