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For the longest time, men wearing makeup was reserved for those on TV, movies, and in the theatre. The male population justified it by thinking those men didn't want to use makeup but they had to-so it was okay. Musicians like Kiss and David Bowie used cosmetic makeup but it became another fenced in concept. Comments like 'that's their style', 'they're artists', or 'they have to look like that' dominated the conversation. And any man getting permanent makeup would never admit it or talk about it so it remained a hidden option. In the male world, makeup could only be applied in special circumstances, never to look a little better or conceal fading hair. Fortunately, opinions are different and the male grooming industry is set to exceed $75 billion by 2023. So, what changed?


The requirements for being a guy were different in the past. Have a job, family, short back and sides, with a clean shave. And don't forget the suit. Things like skincare and style were respected but not expected. In recent years, however, men have begun having more conversations about their skin, hair, and faces. Also, more men have opened up about their insecurities regarding faded eyebrows, lip color, patchy skin, etc. As these insecurities were vocalized, people responded with an obvious, practical solution: to use permanent makeup. 


The issue before is that all the men wearing makeup were celebrities, artists, or 'alternative'. This didn't exactly appeal to your everyday guy. But as YouTube and Instagram took off, more average men were posting videos about themselves built on sincerity and honesty. Basically, they weren't being paid by brands for their opinion (not yet anyway.) From there, all it took was a few curious subscribers to ask them how to look better. Over time, some of these men began admitting to using both cosmetic and permanent makeup. It helped them look better and feel better, so who cares? Informative tutorials both from men and women have also helped guys learn the ropes. This honesty has helped break down the final hurdle and is slowly helping more men feel comfortable getting permanent makeup.


Even today if a guy wants cosmetic makeup from a store, he's going to have to go to the makeup aisle. This invites the "embarrassing" task of browsing an aisle of products targeted exclusively to women. He can shop online, but then he has to pay just to try makeup on in privacy. Fortunately, more products (for both cosmetic and permanent) are coming out targeted to men. Sure, they're the exact same products women use with different packaging, but that's how marketing works. Permanent makeup itself is also seen as a less "feminine" practice because it doesn't involve a daily ritual of application. Instead, the products just offer permanent changes to help guys look and feel better.In Vogue Male fashion has made huge strides the past few years in a way that celebrates both diversity and style. Men wearing cosmetic makeup is still somewhat taboo but as time goes on it will be normal and accepted. For now, permanent makeup remains the superior choice since it's a one-time procedure that won't get messed up by water or sweat. Check out our incredible range from permanent makeup to the latest brow products.

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