Vacuum Butt Lift: Painless & Instant!

Scalpa Vacuum Butt Lift

Scalpa Vacuum Butt Lift: Painless & Instant! 

The perfect booty has become so popular around the world with tight yoga pants, tiny Brazilian swimsuits, celebrities like the Kardashians, and just striving to get a toned or bigger behind. Getting the perfect butt lift is not as easy as it may seem. You have probably tried endless squats, a healthy diet, and odd tips and tricks and still are not satisfied with your results. Getting a surgical butt lift or implants can be costly, scary, or impractical for most. Now, you can get a butt lift that takes less work and time than squatting and costs less than surgery. 

What Is It?

This new non-invasive technique is called the Brazilian or Vacuum Butt Lift. It works by using a high-suction powered vacuum machine and cups to fit around the buttocks. Vacuum therapy or cupping is not a new procedure and you have most likely seen the marks left behind from this treatment on athletes such as Michael Phelps. This treatment is not only effective for athletes and those with sore muscles but is now used as a way to enhance features in the beauty industry. 


  •     Lifts your buttocks by up to 70%
  •     Instant results
  •     No surgery
  •     No pain
  •     No downtime
  •     Enhanced body tone and shape
  •     No anesthetic
  •     No side effects
  •     Improves blood circulation
  •     Excellent for cellulite
  •     Tightens & Tones Skin

How Does Vacuum Butt Lift Work? 

Vacuum therapy stimulates the muscles, breaks the cellulite and fat deposits, removes toxins and improves lymphatic drainage. Vacuum therapy also helps restore the natural elasticity of the skin to soften the appearance of facial wrinkles and "orange peel" dimples as well as on the thighs and buttocks area. The vacuum butt lift is painless, safe, and highly effective. Vacuum therapy is a treatment that is carried out with suction cups that are connected to a special machine that produces suction tissue. The glasses are manipulated by our therapeutic licensed massage therapist and are handled in a special way to achieve desired effects such as removal of cellulite, removal of facial lines, and elimination of fibrosis. 

The vacuum butt lift treatment will require and will reveal the best results with multiple sessions. This can be done as often as twice a week. Some of the great benefits of the vacuum butt lift include lifting, toning, and smoothing the buttocks, increasing the skin flexibility, releasing the venous and lymphatic flow, exfoliating the epidermis for a smoother texture, stimulating the dermis and hypodermis, and decreasing muscle tension. The treatment only takes 45-60 minutes and being that it is painless, it is quite relaxing. Sessions usually run anywhere from $90-120 but usually come in package deals. 


Cupping or vacuum therapy is used to create a Brazilian Butt Lift


Does The Vacuum Butt Lift Really Work? 

It sounds too good to be true, right? It isn’t! It really does work and there are results all over the internet to prove it. However, like any cosmetic procedure, the effects are not permanent. Up keeping your butt lift with a healthy diet and a regular workout routine will help your results to last longer. This is a great new treatment as it offers instant results, no downtime is a fraction of the price, and is proven completely safe and effective. 

Summertime is right around the corner, get a booty you want to show off in your swimsuits. Scalpa Vacuum Butt Lift will be sure to get you ready for that summer bod you may have been putting off working on or have been working towards and need a little boost. This can also be used for other areas of the body to enhance such as breasts! 


Instant results from the Scalpa Brazilian Butt Lift 

Scalpa Brazilian Butt Lift Offers Instant And Painless Results.

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