Hyaluron Pen Injections

Hyaluron Pen Injections

Lip Enhancement Using Needleless Hyaluron Pen Injections

There is no doubt that lip fillers have become widely popular over the years, especially with the Kylie Jenner lip craze. Lip augmentation is one of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures done today. Lip procedures used to be costly and risky. With the use of hyaluronic acid fillers and non-surgical techniques used today, there is minimal risk and is much more cost-effective.

There are still side effects that come with lip injections, however. This can include swelling, bruising, downtime, injecting too deep and the pain of the injection. What if I could tell you that you can get the same plump look but without the use of needles and with less side effects? You’d be sold, right?

This is possible thanks to Hyaluron Pen injections. Using hyaluronic acid filler and targeting the same areas, the Hyaluron Pen offers similar results as your typical needle injection. Hyaluron Pen injections are done using high-pressure technology to administer the hyaluronic acid.

Unlike standard needle injections, the Hyaluron Pen injections only penetrate the upper layer of the skin with a spray-like pattern. This minimizes the risk of entering the filler too deep as well as minimizing the side effects such as bruising, swelling, and downtime. The filler distributes more evenly as well, for a more uniform and natural appearance.

The results are instant and similar to standard needle injections. It is important however to remember that Hyaluron Pen injections and standard needle injections are not going to produce the exact same results. It is important to have realistic expectations with Hyaluron Pen injections and to keep in mind that it will be much more natural than standard needle injections. 

We found that this treatment actually works best in multiple sessions because hyaluronic acid is best when built on itself. That is why those with previous injections saw better results. We recommend 2-4 sessions spaced at least two weeks apart will give the best results. 

Overall, Hyaluron Pen injections are a great new way for people to enhance their beauty for a fraction of the cost, pain and risk. This is perfect for those who fear needles and pain, want to avoid downtime, or want a more natural look. 

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